How to solve TikTok’s Internet error? 6 tips to fix bug

TikTok may give an Internet error when the user tries to link an invite code in the app or access the TikBonus rewards campaign page. The cause of the problem varies from user to user, and the bug can happen in the Android and iPhone (iOS) app and TikTok Lite, so different solutions can help. Check out the list below for 6 tips to fix the TikTok Internet error when entering a code.

Use another version of TikTok

TikTok and Tiktok Lite

The short video social network has two versions: TikTok, the official app, and TikTok Lite, a lighter option of the platform. It is recommended to switch the TikTok edition if the “Internet Error” message appears. That is, if the glitch hits the official app, use TikTok Lite to check if the error persists, and vice versa.

The official version of TikTok is available from the Google Play Store and the App Store. TikTok Lite can only be installed on Android phones.

In some cases, the message “Internet error” appears when the user tries to access the invitation code in the app on the TikBonus campaign page, preventing him from viewing the information. In this situation, the possible solution is to choose to share the invitation link with your contacts, available from the “Invite” button on the bug-free page.

The invitation link has the same purpose as the account code. The difference is that while the guest must manually enter the code when creating a TikTok account, in the case of the link the address redirects the person to the TikTok download page, and links the code automatically when signing up for the platform.

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Check if the account is new

Tiktok profile

TikTok’s Internet error message may appear when old users try to enter a referral code into the app. Only new users can use the codes, so the bug prevents the action. In this case, the solution is to check if you are unintentionally logged into an old TikTok account. Checking some account activities, such as the number of followers, people followed and likes can indicate whether the profile is recent or not.

It is also worth checking the number of videos you have liked, and if there are any videos posted to the profile. If the account has any posts, check the date of the post to find out if the profile you are trying to enter the code on is an old one.

Update the application


Updating the application is one way to solve the TikTok Internet error. Updates serve to fix internal flaws and bugs, including the Internet error. To check if you have the latest version of TikTok, go to your phone’s app store and check the pending updates section.

If TikTok is out of date, it will be indicated by the “Update” option. Tap on it to download the latest version of TikTok and then check if the problem has been solved.

Linking your phone number to TikTok


Another possible solution to the Internet error message is to link your phone to TikTok. The action provides more credibility to the account, as the application can confirm its identity. To do this, simply access the profile menu, go to “Manage Account” and add your phone number. Enter the verification code you received via SMS to finalize the registration of your cell phone to TikTok.

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Change the Internet on your phone

Sometimes the bug in TikTok is caused by the user’s Internet. The solution, in this case, is to use another Wi-Fi network or turn on mobile data when linking the invitation code to avoid the error. Check from your phone’s settings which network it is connected to and switch connections to resolve the Internet error in TikTok. It is worth noting that the smartphone must have credit to use mobile data.

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