Introducing the Odysseus 6K: A Revolutionary ROV for Deep-Sea Exploration

The Odysseus 6K is an exceptional remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) engineered by Pelagic Research Services. With a remarkable capability to descend to depths of up to 6,000 meters, this cutting-edge robotic system has gained widespread recognition following its deployment by the U.S. Coast Guard to locate components of the submarine Titan on the 22nd. The Titan, which had five tourists on board, experienced a communication loss during its descent toward the Titanic wreckage and remained missing for five days.

Primarily employed for scientific and industrial purposes, the Odysseus 6K has already made significant contributions to oceanic research. Its diverse range of functionalities includes the installation and maintenance of ocean observation systems, biological and geological sampling, underwater imaging, and material recovery missions on the ocean floor.

Pelagic Research Services has meticulously designed the Odysseus 6K, equipping it with an array of multidisciplinary toolsets tailored to specific tasks. The submersible’s largest technology package comprises a multi-chamber suction sampler, articulated arms, biological boxes, a hydraulically controlled sliding tray, and sample pressure cores, allowing for versatile operations.

A key feature of the Odysseus is its robust camera system, designed to deliver exceptional visual data. The hydraulic system enables precise control over the SubC 1Cam Alpha (MK5) HD pan-tilt fiber-optic camera, boasting a remarkable tenfold optical zoom. Additionally, six other SD cameras are strategically integrated into the system, ensuring optimal underwater visibility.

To expedite the search for the Titan, Pelagic Research Services assembled a team of nine ROV controllers, successfully configuring the Odysseus 6K within a remarkable timeframe of 23 hours. The submersible and the team were then transported via three U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft to St. John’s, Canada, where the search mission was conducted.

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Odysseus 6K Control Room

Odysseus 6K

Operating within the Odysseus Control Van, a purpose-built container measuring 6.1 meters, the ROV operators meticulously process high-precision video and data. Accompanied by scientists and expedition leaders, the operators receive guidance regarding the optimal route and required depths for their underwater journey, ensuring a streamlined exploration process.

Launch and Recovery

Odysseus 6K

Remarkably versatile, the Odysseus can be operated from various vessels, eliminating the need for specialized launch and recovery systems. Weighing just over 1.7 tons, this highly transportable ROV can be easily deployed on numerous supporting vessels. The Odysseus 6K was conveniently housed on the Canadian ship Horizon Arctic during the Titan search mission.

In conclusion, the Odysseus 6K stands as an extraordinary achievement in the field of deep-sea exploration. With its exceptional capabilities, advanced camera system, and versatility in deployment, this remarkable ROV continues to revolutionize scientific and industrial underwater operations. Pelagic Research Services remains committed to pushing the boundaries of marine exploration and fostering groundbreaking discoveries in the depths of our oceans.

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