How To Fix Black Screen Problem On Xiaomi Phone

If your Xiaomi smartphone has suddenly gone black screen even when turned on, you have likely entered a state of panic.

However, even though the brand generally gives pretty good results, it is a problem that has already been reported by quite a few users. Some of the models affected by this bug are the Xiaomi Mi 9T and Redmi Note 6 Pro, although anyone who has the MIUI customization layer, especially in its MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 versions, could end up suffering from it. It is not a failure too frequent for the large volume of devices of the brand that exists in the market, but there are quite a few users who have expressed it in the networks.

Normally, this problem is due to the device being stuck or locked, and we have to try to revive it. But the first step should always be to make sure that it is a problem with the screen and not the phone in general. This is very simple: just make a call from another mobile. If the phone rings and makes a call without any problem, it is only the screen and not the handset that is not working properly.

Once we have located the problem on the screen, it is time to identify where it comes from and see if we can find a solution.

Black Screen

Reasons Why The Screen Stays Black On A Xiaomi Phone

Unlike other possible failures, the black screen on Xiaomi phones is not usually due to software problems, so it will not have a solution as simple as waiting for an update. It is usually a technical problem coming from the phone, although it tends to affect the same models and versions. The most common reasons why a Xiaomi phone stays with a black screen may be the following:

  • A critical error has occurred in the operating system that prevents the screen from turning on. In this case, we would find a software problem.
  • The connectors that connect the display to the device have come loose.
  • You have been charging the battery with an unsupported charger. There is usually no problem with using chargers from other brands, but there is a problem if they are not compatible.
  • The phone has a virus that has been entered through the download of an application.
  • The smartphone battery has a fault and is not working properly.
  • The phone has been overcharged for too long.
  • The phone has overheated to too high a temperature.
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Solutions for Black Screens on Xiaomi Phones

If you have encountered this problem, what you need quickly is a solution. And some of the possible ones are listed below:

  • Give it a couple of gentle taps. If the screen has been disconnected from the system it is possible that in this way it will be put back in place.
  • Do a forced reboot. If you keep your finger pressed on the power button for about 10 seconds, the phone will force restart. On many occasions, when the phone was simply stuck, this may be the simplest solution.
  • Leave it in a dry environment. As mentioned above, the problem can be found in the temperature, or also in humidity. Putting the phone in a drawer for a few hours (better if it can be overnight) it may be back to normal.
  • Restore the mobile from the PC. Using Official Xiaomi Mi PC Suite and connecting the phone to the computer we can access various functions, including restoring it to factory settings. In this way, we may be able to solve the problem ourselves.

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