Android 13: what news to expect from the system update this year?

Leaks of the Android 13 code on the Internet already give an idea of what new features to expect in the next update of Google’s system for cell phones. Reviews from specialized outlets indicate that the update will change smartphone notifications, as well as bring improvements to the QR Code reader, language customization, new interface themes, and easier file-sharing options.

Nicknamed “Android Tiramisu” by developers, the functions of the update should be officially disclosed by the company at the next edition of Google I/O, scheduled for May. After the event, beta testing of the new Android is expected to begin, with the stable update being announced for mid-September. So it is worth noting that some of the features listed below may be modified or not released at all by Google in Android 13.

New Interface Themes

One of the main highlights of Android 12 was Material You, which allows you to customize the colors of your phone’s interface. The feature generates a dynamic color palette based on the smartphone’s wallpaper and lets you change even the look of system menus and application icons.

New interface themes

The feature should gain improvements with the arrival of Android 13. Previously, the pastel tones of the “Monet” theme were used by default as the basis for Material You, but more colors and customization options will be made available with the new “Tonal Spot”, “Vibrant”, “Expressive” and “Spritz” themes.

“Tonal Spot” is the default palette, while “Vibrant” features secondary colors and more colorful backgrounds. Expressive” is more comprehensive, bringing colors that are in the background. In contrast, “Spritz” has a soft palette, with shades of gray.

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Change in app notifications

Change in app notifications

Android 13 seeks to end the accumulation of notifications on the cell phone. The “Notification Importance” feature should determine to what extent an alert can be displayed, while the “Notification Channels” treats notifications from the same application differently to prioritize the information the user wants. In the new system, the notifications’ runtime permission will appear in a pop-up, in the same way as with location or camera access.

QR Code Reader Improvements

QR Code reader

To read a QR Code on most Android versions, you need to launch the camera and point the phone at the code. It is then automatically recognized and prompted to open the link or file. This may get easier with Android 13.

Sources indicate that the update will bring a QR scanner already on the lock screen. However, it is not yet possible to know whether it will be just a shortcut to the camera, automation, or a new feature in the quick settings screen.

Customize app language

Customize App language

Google is coming up with a new feature for Android 13. Called “Panlingual,” the mechanism will allow you to choose the language of each app individually. This way, the selection will no longer be something universal for the entire smartphone, unlike what happens today.

The functionality will be available in the new “Application Languages” option, within the languages and input settings. It will also be possible to make the change via the “Application Information” screen.

Content Sharing Option

Content sharing option

Another new feature will be Media TTT, the successor to Android Beam and Nearby Share. The feature allows the transmission of multimedia content between two smartphones just by bringing them close together and tapping the option that will appear on the screen. Thus, the music you are listening to can be transferred to a nearby speaker, for example.

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Sharing can be done between different connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, or speakers. On the other hand, the mechanism may only be available on phones with ultra-wideband (UWB) chips, which are still scarce on Androids.

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