What’s in the One UI 5? Learn about Android used on Samsung phones

Samsung phones are grabbing the headlines because of the update to the Android 13 system, which has been going on for weeks for several Galaxy models. In addition, the South Korean giant is betting on One UI 5, a new generation of the graphical interface full of additional features, which complement traditional Android. In the following lines, learn about the main features of the platform.

Eligible models will receive the update to One UI 5 by the first quarter of 2023. It is worth mentioning that Samsung intends to offer the update for devices that are not in the premium category, such as Galaxy A51 and Galaxy M62.

1. Bixby Text Call

Samsung Galaxy S20

Answering a call can be inconvenient due to noise in places like music concerts, other events, and public transportation. With that in mind, one of the main new features of One UI 5 is Bixby Text Call, which allows users to answer phone calls simply by typing a message.

In practice, when you answer a voice call with Bixby, the phone will convert the audio of the call into text and display it directly on the screen. The feature is interesting for those times when the user needs to communicate, but cannot hear the person at the other end of the call.

2. Routine Mode

Routine Mode

Samsung has thought of different ways to automate the use of smartphones throughout the day. For example, while you are exercising, you might want to mute notifications to stay focused while listening to music. On the other hand, at bedtime, it is often good to turn off the sound and turn on the phone’s dark mode, which helps you to relax.

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The new selection of daily routines is designed to allow the user to create customized settings for different parts of his or her life. Among the modes offered, Galaxy phone owners can choose profiles for when they are sleeping, driving, exercising, relaxing, or at work.

3. More Security

Security and Privacy

Samsung has confirmed that a new security and privacy screen will be used on phones with the One UI 5. With this, one of the features available in the new notification is the Sharing Panel, which gives the user more elements to decide before unwittingly sending a photo with potentially sensitive information such as a credit or debit card, ID, social security number, or passport.

In addition, Android 13 brings an updated messaging protocol and a new menu called “Security and Privacy”, in which the user can adjust the camera, microphone, and location permissions, among others. This should give the user better control of his or her information.

4. Personalization


Another feature that promises to please Samsung fans is the ability for users to place cropped videos on the lock screen of their smartphones. This means that the Video Wallpaper feature of the Lockstar of Good Lock app will customize your device with just a few taps.

According to Samsung, users will be able to modify the wallpaper, clock style, and notification pop-ups – all in one place.

One UI 5 also comes with a wider variety of widgets. According to the Korean company, smart suggestions automatically suggest apps and actions to the user. All according to their usage patterns and the context in which the consumer uses the phone.

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5. Integration with other devices

Echo Buds

The new system promises greater integration with other Samsung devices. For this, the interface will offer a digital hub, where the user will be able to access all features such as Quick Share 3, Smart View, and Samsung Dex 4.

The headset will take center stage. In light of this increased integration, the person who stops using a phone and migrates to a Samsung tablet will notice that the audio from the latter device will start playing on the headphones.

How to upgrade to One UI 5

To check if your Galaxy already brings the new firmware download available, simply go to “Settings”, then tap on the “Software Update” option and enter “Download and Install”. Then, follow the indicated instructions to complete the update to the new Android 13-based system.

It is worth mentioning that, downloading and installing the updates takes some time. It is important to only start the update when the device can sit idle for a few minutes.

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