Yahama SR-B20A: Features, Reviews, and Price

To boost the poor sound that TVs usually offer, a good option is a soundbar. Yamaha is one of the classic manufacturers of audio equipment that firmly believes in this type of device. This is demonstrated by its extensive range of soundbars. In 2020 two more new models will arrive the Yamaha SR-C20A, which we have already told you about; and the new Yahama SR-B20A, a bigger and more powerful model that also incorporates the DTS Virtual:X virtual surround system.

The Yamaha SR-B20A is equipped with two integrated subwoofers and offers 120W of power. It has an HDMI ARC input, and Bluetooth connectivity, and offers some upgrades over its smaller sister, such as a better virtual surround system. It is also equipped with the Clear Voice system, common on all Yamaha soundbars. It will hit the market in the next few weeks and we already know its price. Let’s take an in-depth look at what the new Yamaha SR-B20A has to offer.

Yahama SR-B20A

Yahama SR-B20A Datasheet

Yahama SR-B20A
SpeakersTwo 8 ″ speakers with two 1 ″ tweeters
Maximum power120W (2 x 30W from the front + 60W from the subwoofer)
Surround technologyVirtual 3D surround and DTS Virtual: X
Rear speakersNo
Connections1 HDMI input/output, 2 optical inputs, 1 subwoofer input
4K pass-throughNo
Supported audio formatsDolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS Digital Surround
Wireless connectivityBluetooth 5.0
SubwooferIntegrated into the bar (two 3-inch woofers)
ControlControl and application
OthersClear Voice
Four audio modes
Dimensions910 × 53 × 131mm, 3.2kg
Release dateAvailable

Virtual:X Surround Technology to Fill the Room

Yahama SR-B20A

The Yamaha SR-B20A has quite a few differences from the smaller model, the Yamaha SR-C20A. The first and most obvious is the size, as it is 91 centimeters long compared to the 60 centimeters of the most basic model. The SR-B20A is a soundbar designed to accompany larger televisions, which places it as a soundbar designed to be placed in the living room.

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Otherwise, it maintains a similar design. Virtually the entire bar is covered by a rather elegant acoustic fabric, available in black and white. On the top front, there is a small screen that shows different lights to know the status of the bar and the four buttons it includes.

With these small buttons, we can change the input source, control the volume, and turn the soundbar on and off.

At the back of the bar, we have different connectors. Specifically, the Yamaha SR-B20A is equipped with an HDMI ARC input/output, two optical digital inputs, a subwoofer (RCA) output, and a USB port that can only be used by technical service.

Wirelessly, it includes Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity so we can use it as a wireless speaker. That is, the sound can be sent from the mobile phone or any other Bluetooth-compatible device, but there is no WiFi connectivity to add it to the network.

On a technical level, there are also two important differences from the smaller model. The first is that the Yamaha SR-B20A, being larger, has more speakers. It is equipped with two 8-inch woofers that are accompanied by two 1-inch tweeters.

Since it does not have an external wireless subwoofer like other models, Yamaha has integrated the subwoofer into the soundbar. Specifically, it is equipped with two 3-inch internal subwoofers, which are combined with a double bass reflex port. This speaker set gives the soundbar a combined total power of 120W.

The other difference is found in the system that Yamaha has used to achieve virtual surround sound. The Yamaha SR-B20A includes DTS Virtual:X technology, a 3D virtual surround mode that reproduces height direction in addition to front/rear and left/right. The result is an enhanced sense of immersion in film or music, feeling that the sound is all around you even though it’s all coming from the bar.

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Along with this virtual surround sound system, other systems have been seen in the rest of Yamaha’s range. For example, the SR-B20A also features Clear Voice technology. This can automatically distinguish human voices such as dialogue and narration from other sounds, increasing the volume of only human voices. This will allow a better understanding of movie and program dialogues without the need to turn up the overall volume.

Like its little sister, the Yamaha SR-B20A also has four sound modes. On the one hand, there is the Stereo mode, designed for the reproduction of music in stereo. On the other hand, there is the Standard mode, which is the one we can use for most television programs. The Movie mode is the one we can use for movies, while the Game mode is the one we can use for playing the console or the computer. The latter two offer a more immersive sound so that we can feel inside the action.

Price and Availability

The new Yamaha soundbar is a speaker that seeks to improve the sound of the TV we have in the living room. It offers a nice design, can be used with only one cable thanks to the HDMI ARC (and the clear power cable) and has a tremendously simple configuration. It has a small remote control but can also be used with Yamaha’s Sound Bar Remote application.

On the other hand, it includes DTS Virtual:X technology to substantially improve the bar’s surround system. Its dual internal subwoofer offers more powerful bass, and its speaker system has enough power to fill a larger room. It can also be used as a wireless speaker thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

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The Yamaha SR-B20A can now be purchased at the official price of $199.95

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