Uptodown: 5 Things To Know About Google Play Store Alternative

Uptodown is one of the most popular app repositories on Android as an alternative to Google’s Play Store. It is commonly used to download APK files of popular apps and games that can then be installed on the phone, which is why it has gained enormous popularity among millions of users around the world. However, there are many doubts about what Uptodown is, how it works and if it is safe to use it. To answer them, here are five things you should know about Uptodown.

The Play Store is the official Android store and the one that usually comes pre-installed on all cell phones with this operating system. Although it is the safest and most recommended store for installing applications and games of all kinds, it has some important restrictions for many users, such as region or country (some apps cannot be downloaded, depending on the country you are in), or the model of the cell phone in question (in case it is not compatible with that app).

As an alternative, Uptodown is perfect, since it allows you to download any APK (app installation file) from its catalog, no matter what, since it does not have any limitations. So, without further ado, here are the five things you probably didn’t know about this website.

What is the Origin of Uptodown?


Uptodown is a website created in 2002, based in Malaga, Spain, so yes, it is a Spanish company. Initially, it started as a university project at the University of Malaga and aimed to distribute Windows and Mac software and desktop programs. However, while it continues to do so, today it is mainly dedicated to the distribution of mobile applications for Android since more than 90% of its traffic and activity is generated by users looking to get their hands on applications and games in APK format. Currently, in addition to having a website, it also has a mobile app that functions as a store.

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Is Uptodown Safe? Does It Have a Virus?


This is perhaps the most popular question there may be about Uptodown and these types of websites, as it is common to doubt alternatives to the Play Store because many are plagued by malware and all kinds of viruses and harmful applications for mobile.

In the case of Uptodown, we are talking about one of the safest app repositories for Android, since, according to what Uptodown itself details, all the APK files of apps and games that they have in their database -and those that any user can access- are analyzed by more than 70 antivirus VirusTotal service before being published in its catalog. For added security, the analysis of each app is performed both automatically and manually by Uptodown’s content team.

So yes, Uptodown is safe and virus-free. However, it does not commit, nor is it responsible, for any inconvenience caused by any APK file in its repertoire, it is worth noting.

How Does Uptodown Make Money?

Uptodown is a free-to-use software distribution platform. However, it makes money, but not through the applications and the number of downloads, at least not directly. So how does Uptodown make money? Well, it does so through a business model that is based solely on ads and advertising. To do so, it makes use of content monetization services and websites such as Google Ads and others.

Previously, about ten years ago, Uptodown offered modified applications with added services, to make money from them. However, this practice was completely abandoned by the website, to be more transparent with its users. Therefore, all the applications found on Uptodown are free of unwanted modifications.

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Is it Legal to Download Applications Through Uptodown?

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Yes, absolutely. Uptodown has a series of rules and policies that do not allow the publication of applications on its portal that may infringe laws of any kind, collect information from users without their consent, damage the image or property of any brand or company, or allow illicit profit through inappropriate practices.

Can Applications Be Published On Uptodown?


Yes, Uptodown allows any user and developer to publish their application, but it must meet its several requirements. For starters, such an application must not infringe the copyright of an image, brand, or person. It must also work perfectly; if Uptodown detects that the application closes unexpectedly or does not do what it promises, it will not be published. At the same time, it must not have excessive or intrusive advertising, since this affects the user’s experience and goes against Uptodown’s policies.

On the other hand, the application to be published on Uptodown must not contain explicit adult content. Nor can it offer, or make it easy to obtain paid software for free, as this may affect third parties. If the app complies with these requirements -and with all the others detailed in the section on criteria for publishing apps on Uptodown-, it can be published.

However, to publish an app on Uptodown, you must first register on the website through this link. Then you must confirm and verify the newly created account through the message that will have arrived at the email you entered. Then you can enter the Uptodown developer area, where you must click on the Add new app button, to finally complete all the information fields of the app, to detail everything you need to know about it and how it works. Finally, you must send only one file -which would be the APK file of the app-, for Uptodown to review and publish -if it meets all the requirements.

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