The dark Side of ChatGPT: 7 Dangerous Uses Of This AI

In case you didn’t know, artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT are in Europol’s sights due to the use that criminals can make of these linguistic models. Do you want to know the dark side of ChatGPT in depth? Today we will explain 7 dangerous uses of AI. Discover both sides of the coin and get to know the dark potential of this powerful tool.

The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) expressed its concern about the use of AI, after conducting workshops with cybersecurity experts. This entity describes the possible misuse of the program and its prospect of criminal reach in the future by asserting that ChatGPT represents a great help for criminals to do their misdeeds.

Discover the Dark Side of ChatGPT with 7 Dangerous Uses of This AI


Not all that glitters is gold and artificial intelligence seems to be a clear example of this in 2023. Take a look at the dark side of ChatGPT after discovering 7 dangerous uses of this currently popular AI. You will be surprised!

A Perfect Ally in Phishing

Undoubtedly, both bad spelling and confusing grammar are among the most obvious characteristics of fraudulent and phishing emails. Sometimes this happens because the emails are written in regions where the threat actors are not fluent in the language of their potential victims. But now with ChatGPT, this won’t be a problem for misspelled scammers.

Just ask ChatGPT to make you a phishing email pretending to be from some private or public entity and witness the work this powerful artificial intelligence tool does – try it and draw your conclusions!

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Can Write software and Malware


You no longer need to be an expert programmer to develop malware in 2023. With ChatGPT, writing software and malware is much easier than anyone imagines. You just need to know what to ask and the magic of artificial intelligence will do its thing.

Thousands of questions to ChatGPT are posed to produce dangerous malware and only a few are flagged for content policy non-compliance. What does this mean? That this artificial intelligence will rarely prevent someone malicious from having the ability to create malware in a matter of seconds.

Whoever can ask the right questions in ChatGPT will be able to create an unimaginable arsenal of cyber weapons. The possibilities are almost endless when ChatGPT is used by a skilled developer.


Another dangerous element on the dark side of ChatGPT is disinformation. Why? Because artificial intelligence is good at creating all kinds of content, so sometimes people won’t be able to detect at a glance when a news item is fake. The scale at which ChatGPT can produce text, along with the ability to make even incorrect information sound convincingly correct, certainly makes information on the Internet even more questionable.

As you can imagine, this could become a real danger depending on the extent of the fake news. There are countries in Latin America where the government creates entire campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence to make people believe that everything is under control when it is not. Disinformation is a powerful weapon and few know its true potential.

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Digital Cybercrime

Beyond phishing, cybercrime is another malicious activity that is facilitated by ChatGPT. And how is it done? By creating fraudulent web pages. There are currently many of these on the Internet and as with emails made by ChatGPT, it is difficult to check whether these pages are made by humans or by AI.

Europol states that for a potential criminal with little technical knowledge, ChatGPT would prove to be an invaluable resource. Europol’s warning aims to raise awareness of the potential misuse of language models and to try to create an alternative with AI companies to promote the safe development of artificial intelligence.

Creation of Fake Profiles

ChatGPT-based Projects

Another way in which ChatGPT could be used for malicious purposes and that demonstrates the dark side of this AI is by creating fake profiles on social networks or some websites. These fake profiles could be used to harass other users, spread information or commit various types of online crimes.
If used incorrectly, ChatGPT can help criminals create fake profiles that are more convincing and harder to detect, which could be dangerous for society. Without exaggeration, ChatGPT can become an ally for both good and evil.

Opinion Manipulation


ChatGPT can be used to manipulate people’s opinions online. This means that some miscreants could use artificial intelligence to generate false positive opinions about a particular product or person. Unfortunately, this could be very dangerous for society if used for commercial or political purposes.

Discrimination in Data Selection

ChatGPT could also be used to discriminate in data selection and generate false responses. From a general point of view, this could be dangerous if used to encourage discrimination in areas such as hiring employees, selecting political candidates, or making important decisions in business or government. It seems that ChatGPT is a double-edged sword in all its glory.

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