Key Features to Look for in Baby Monitors

Nothing can express the joy a person feels when they welcome a new member to the family. Having a baby is such an amazing experience and it will certainly change your life for the better. We’re well aware that as much as it is a joyous occasion, it also is quite an adjustment. You have to adapt to balancing all your home and work responsibilities along with ensuring that your baby gets the attention and care they need. This is why when baby monitors came into the market, they sold, and still sell, very successfully. Having a baby monitor allows you to do things around the house without having to stress about what the baby is doing because you have access to their every sound and move as if you’re right there with them. This is also applicable if you have to go to work and keep a nanny because you still have eyes while you’re at work. The thing is, there are so many models out there that it can get confusing to decide on which is best suited for you. This is why we’ve made a shortlist of key features to look for in a baby monitor. 

Audio Monitoring for Mute Option

When it comes to monitoring your baby, you’re going to want to mute it at times, and this is understandable. This is where audio monitoring comes in handy. Go for an option that gives off a light that increases in marks with the noise. If the baby is just gurgling, then a slash or two should come up, as opposed to a screaming baby which will give you the full mark up. 

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Smart Communication

The great thing about these monitors these days is that they have become so advanced. Baby monitors now come with cameras that can give you a bird’s eye view of the whole room so you have complete coverage because they also have motion sensors built-in, even if your baby is awake and moving around. As the features of smart monitors by Hubble show, there are even two-way communication options, which means that you can talk to your little one and they can see you on the screen that you place by them. Smart monitors are preferred by most parents because they get to keep an eye on their baby’s through their cell phones using an application that allows them to see, listen and even move the camera to their liking.

Night Vision

Night vision is a must when it comes to picking the right monitor for your baby. This only makes sense because you need to turn off the main lights for your baby to sleep, and relying on a small night light is never sufficient. Night vision gives you a clear vision and will definitely put you at ease.

While it may seem intimidating to have too many options out there, the point is, you need to focus on the features that matter the most and get the job done in terms of surveillance. This all depends on your circumstances, but at the end of the day, just make sure that it is a good quality baby monitor that helps you keep an eye at all times, gives you indicators of when there’s movement, and has a good battery life as well. 

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