How to Become a Professional Video Editor

There are a lot of great methods to make money on the internet. And video editing is one of the most prominent professions at the moment. Brands have been pushing to focus on video content for their marketing campaigns. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have introduced video players as well. YouTube is as popular as ever.

As you can see, making a living as a video editor should not be a problem so long as you have the skills. The question is how to reach a point where you have a steady supply of gigs and do not have to worry about finding work.

This article will give you an idea of how to pursue a video editing career and what you need to become a professional.

Lots of Practice

The first thing on the list is practice. You will not become a video editor unless you spend hours practicing the craft. Thankfully, there are multiple sources that cover basic, intermediate, and advanced aspects of the video editing craft. 

You can look up tutorials on YouTube and learning platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. Reading a book is probably not the best approach because video editing is a visual art, meaning that if you are consuming information, doing it in a video format is the way to go.

Of course, your editing skills will grow after you start editing actual videos. To start, download a Vimeo video or a video from YouTube. Any video will do because you will be using it as a template for practice.

You could also go outside and film something with your smartphone camera or a video camera if you have one. However, downloading a random video directly from the internet is more convenient.

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From here, you can start tinkering with various effects, cutting and rearranging moments in the video, adding background music, and other small things that make changes to the original video version. 

It may start slow, but once you get the basics down, feel free to move on to more complicated stuff and strive to explore what video editing tools you use have to offer.

Proper Editing Tools

Speaking of video editing software, you will find multiple different tools to choose from, and it may be difficult to decide which software is the best for you.

As a rule of thumb, beginner video editors should probably stick to free tools because they still offer the basic kit of necessary video editing features. After all, you will not need advanced features early on.

Since video editing is so popular, there are many communities you can join on social media or online forums. Discuss the best editing software with other video editors. Those with experience should give you a great piece of advice when it comes to choosing video editing software.

Real Work Experience

Once you get some experience as a video editor, you will need to start looking for some gigs. Your first jobs will likely pay very little. You may find that some clients will ask you to work for free to prove your worth.

There is no shame in taking up some gigs for free if it helps in the future. A few references will have weight when you can use them to your advantage during potential work discussions.

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Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork have multiple job ads for video editors. Join these websites and submit your offers. Aim to build some positive profile reviews first. Testimonials from prior customers will play a prominent role in getting you gigs in the future. And keep in mind that the more five-star reviews you get, the higher your odds of finding extra work will be.

Professional Website

Focusing entirely on freelancer platforms is not necessarily the best approach. You may also want to create a proper website so that potential clients can find you using Google and other search engines.

The website itself does not have to be too complicated. Just make sure to include contact information, your portfolio, testimonials from previous customers, your rates, and what kind of video editing you do. 

A Network of Connections

The last piece of advice in this article is about maintaining your network of connections and expanding it whenever you get a chance. Even if you do a small job for someone, make sure to add them to your contact list. For instance, if you have a LinkedIn account, add every prior client to your network. 

You never know when someone may need video editing services again. And if they were happy with your previous work, there is no real reason to look for a different video editor, right? 

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