How to Download Subtitles from YouTube Videos in TXT and SRT Formats

As with most platforms, YouTube does not allow you to download subtitles through the native options of the application for Android and iPhone nor from the web version. That is why we are forced to resort to certain pages to download YouTube video subtitles in text, either in TXT format or in the most common subtitle format, SRT. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites that allow us to download YouTube subtitles online and this time we will show you how to proceed.

How to Download YouTube Subtitles in SRT and TXT Format

Among all the pages that exist to download subtitles from YouTube, Savesubs is the most recommended for its simplicity and ease of use, as well as for the downloading options it offers, since we can choose the output format of the text files (SRT and TXT). Before resorting to the web tool, which we can access from the address, you will have to copy the link of the YouTube video whose subtitles we want to extract.


In this case, the process is as simple as copying the URL address displayed in the browser address bar or click on Share and Copy URL if you are accessing it from a cell phone. With the copied address, you will go to Savesubs to paste the link in the search box shown on the home page. Then, click on “Extract and download” to start processing the video, as shown in the following screenshot.


Once it has been processed, the web page will show the list of available subtitles, as well as the output language. In case the video does not have subtitles, Savesubs will show the download file of the subtitles automatically generated by YouTube if there is such an option in the original video. Now you only have to choose the file you want to download and its format (SRT or TXT) to proceed with the download.

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How to Translate YouTube Video Subtitles

If what you want is to translate the language of the subtitles that you want to download, Savesubs allows you to translate the subtitles before proceeding with the download. Just below the download options, the platform shows a couple of boxes that allow users to select the original language of the video and the language they want to translate the subtitles to.


Finally, click on “Translate and download” to download the file generated with the language you have previously selected. However, the download format is limited to SRT files, so you will have to use an SRT to TXT file converter if you want to open the document with a conventional text editor.

How to Join Subtitles from a YouTube Video in Several Languages

Another of the options that Savesubs gives us allows us to merge two subtitle files into one by downloading two languages. To do this, you will have to use the “Dual Subtitles” option that is displayed next to the translation option. In this case, the process is as simple as selecting the first export language in the first box and the second language in the second box.

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to mark the original language as the first language, so you can perform the simultaneous translation of the subtitles in two languages at the same time. Finally, click on “Join subtitles and download” to download the final file, which in this case will be marked with the SRT extension.

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