5 Free Software for Video Editing on Your Computer

Editing videos on the computer for free and in a professional way is possible. Although the best-known programs in the industry are paid for, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, several options offer advanced features and can be used for free on computers with Windows, macOS, and Linux. These tools can be useful for companies that are going through a digital transformation and have no way to invest in more complete software for the production of their content.

Below, Techidence presents 5 free video editing software with professional features. You can use features such as rendering, image and sound filters, mixing, chroma key green screen, and even the creation of patterns for 3D animation. Know the options and decide which is best for your movies.

1. Lightworks


Lightworks is one of the best free programs to edit videos professionally. With versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the software has a huge range of advanced tools. Some examples are the possibility to render images in the background and seeing a preview of video effects in real-time.

The negative point of this complexity is that the software is not very user-friendly. Therefore, Lightworks is recommended for those who already have experience with video editors and are looking to expand their editing possibilities. Another drawback is that the free plan only allows you to export in MPEG, and you need to sign a paid plan to export in other formats.

2. Filmora9


Filmora9, as Filmora Video Editor is currently called, is available for Windows and Mac. The Wondershare editor stands out for combining advanced tools into a simple-to-use interface. Thus, the program is a good option for those who are starting to experiment with video editing more professionally.

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To help users, the software brings a quick start guide with tips on how to use the main tools. There are a lot of effects, filters, and mounting options. Users can work with video and audio tracks independently and have integration with YouTube and Vimeo.

All features are available in the free version. The only problem is that the software exports the video with a watermark, which can only be removed by purchasing the Camcorder. This can be a disadvantage for those who want to use the creations for commercial purposes, but it tends not to bother those who only want to do editing for personal purposes.

3. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is another feature-rich program for creating professional-quality movies. The software allows you to create custom video masks, insert chroma key green screens, and even make 3D animations.

For a tool like this, the editor is very easy to use, even with an intuitive interface. The latest version (14) has kept the organization simplified, gaining only bug fixes and some improvements. For example, now the export feature sends the whole project, not just what was in the input and output area.

The main positive thing about Hitfilm is that it is, in fact, completely free. That is, no watermarks or reduced functionality to use without spending a penny. In return, the developers have created a system where users need to sign up to install the editor, and hence a negative point. Downloading Hitfilm Express is a bit complicated, to the point of requiring a detailed tutorial.

Also, the free software uses a lot of system resources, be it Windows or macOS, which leads to a lot of slowness and crashes on less powerful machines. It takes a powerful PC to run Hitfilm smoothly.

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4. Shotcut


Shotcut is an open-source editor with variants for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Its interface is friendly and fully in English, French, Portuguese, etc which makes it a great choice for beginner editors. As a program born in the Linux environment, however, it has particularities that may sound strange to Mac and Windows users. One example is the need to add add-ons manually to configure the display screen.

On the other hand, the great customization capability is a feature that extends throughout the software and makes it attractive. Shotcut allows the user to customize audio and video filters, for example, creating a unique effect for clips.

Another advantage is that it supports all the most popular video and image formats, as well as 4K resolution. The software also allows you to mix different resolutions and frame rates in the same project, among other very useful features.

5. Blender


Blender is a program focused on 3D creation but has an integrated video editor that is efficient and simple to use. The editor brings together basic tools such as cutting and assembly and advanced features such as masks and real-time previews.

Being 3D-oriented, the software takes up a lot of space on the computer, although it doesn’t have locks on the video editing tool. The open-source program is available completely free for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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