Error Redeeming Google Play code: How to solve the problem on mobile

Google Play Store gift cards, known as gift cards and vouchers, can be redeemed in the app to become a credit to buy apps and games in the Google store, rent movies in Google Play Movies or buy books in the Google Play Books reading app. However, error messages may appear when trying to redeem the card. Among the main reasons are incorrect keystrokes or problems with the Play Store balance limit.

In the list below, Techidence brings four possible solutions to the main errors that may appear on the screen in case you have difficulties when redeeming your Google Play Card.

Check below what to do when the gift card is not activated and how to proceed if the error message describes that there are problems in your account.

1. Check the Promotional Code

Check your Google Play card to see if the code you entered is correct or still valid. As a security measure, gift cards purchased in physical stores are activated as soon as the purchase is completed, and Google cannot activate them remotely. Therefore, if your gift card shows error messages and cannot be redeemed, it is advisable to check the registered code for typing errors. If the problem is not solved, you must contact the store where the product was purchased.

If the code has been typed in correctly and the problem persists, it is ideal to contact the store where the card was purchased or the company that provided the promotional code to check if the validity of the key has not expired.

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2. Check that the Code Value does not exceed the Play Store limit

It is not possible to redeem the balance of a gift card when the available amount on the card exceeds the Google Play Store balance limit. The Google Play Store imposes limits on the total amount you can have available in your account and also indicates the maximum amount that can be redeemed in a given period. So, to solve the problem, you must spend part of the active balance in your account to then redeem the gift card value. Or, wait a certain time and try to redeem the promotional code again in 24 hours.

3. Confirm the account you are logged into

You may not be able to make a Google Play recharge depending on the account used to log in. If you received the promotional key by email, you must use the same Google account to redeem the code. To check the account logged into Play Store, go to the side menu in the left corner and tap on “Account”. Then confirm or change the registered email address at the indicated location. If you have received a Play Store gift code from a friend through your Gmail, you must be logged in to that same Google account at the time of redeeming the gift card.

4. Correct Google Pay account data

If the error message describes a problem with your Google account, you may need to update your data to redeem the gift certificate. It is possible that your purchase has not been processed due to a lack of sufficient credit card balance or because Google has noticed some suspicious activity on your payment account.

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For problems with your Google payment account, the solutions may vary according to the error message. If the fault indicates that the transaction could not be completed due to an expired credit card or says that you should use another form of payment, for example, you should update the credit card or modify the payment method on Google Pay and try again.

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