‘Server Error’: How to Fix Google Playstore Error

Google Play Store may experience server error and other constant problems when you finish downloading applications or even when the Google Store app itself is started. However, some simple solutions can solve flaws, which are relatively common for Android users. Uninstalling updates, re-logging your Google account, and clearing the app’s cache memory may represent some of the solutions to server errors or web store crashes.

In the list below, Techidence gives tips on how to troubleshoot the most common problems in the Android store, offering a simple step-by-step solution for error messages on the Play Store server.

1. Uninstall updates from the Play Store and then upgrade

Some errors on the Play Store server can be fixed with a simple trick: uninstalling updates from the online store. Under “Settings”, go to “Applications” and select the Google Play Store app. Tap on it, uninstall the updates, and then update the app. We also recommend restarting the device after the procedure.

2. Log out of the Google Play Store account and log in again

Logging out of the Google account on the device and logging in again may also be a viable option, as some errors on the Play Store server may come from connections to the Google account itself. To log out of your account, go to ‘Settings’ on the device, tap on ‘Accounts’, and then on the Google account logged into the phone. Tap on email and then tap Remove account, reboot the device, and log in again.

3. Clear the Play Store cache and force the app to stop

Clearing the cache memory accumulated over time by the use of the application can also solve flaws presented by Google Play Store. To do this, tap on the app and keep it pressed until an information icon appears on it. Tap on the “i” and on “Storage and memory”. Then tap on ‘Clear cache’“Force Stop” on the app may also solve the problem.

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4. Setting the phone time in automatic mode

Setting the automatic mode to date and time on Android can also fix possible faults displayed by the Google store. You can configure your device by going to “Settings” and selecting the “Date and time” option. Then enable the automatic date and time and time zone options. If the problem persists, reboot your phone and try accessing the Play Store again.

5. Disconnect from Wi-Fi and use mobile data

The Play Store may also show errors if the Internet connection is not stable. In this case, if you are using Wi-Fi and the Google Store is constantly failing, please turn off Wi-Fi and activate the mobile data connection on your phone and try using the Play Store again.

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