Tips to Prevent Fraud When Shopping Online

Online shopping is easy, but you have to be careful. The reason is now a lot of fraud under the guise of shopping. Online shopping is a fun activity and is liked by many people worldwide. Either through social media, e-commerce, as well as marketplaces, or market shop, you can get the item in the best and most convenient way possible.

Payment is also easy and can be via bank transfer or cash on delivery (COD) system. Recently, the marketplace has offered payments through a pay-later system.

However, not a few people are deceived when shopping online. For example, the goods do not arrive even though the payment has been transferred.

Some sellers send goods that are not as advertised or do not match the picture shown. There are various ways in which people seek profit. If you cheat, of course, it is not justified.

As consumers, we must be vigilant. Don’t be fooled by the low price. Low prices are tempting, the main factor that causes consumers to be easily deceived. Fraudsters often use this mode.

They sell goods at prices far below the market. So, many are tempted and shop. Although there have been many warnings to be careful in online shopping, people are still deceived, likewise, by the perpetrators. Even though many have been arrested and reported, they still cheat in the same mode.

That’s why we must know how to avoid online shopping scams to be more vigilant.

How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams

There has been a lot of news on social media regarding online shopping scams. The modes vary, ranging from goods that are not delivered to the cash-on-delivery (COD) shopping mode.

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Some even sent a message that the order was on its way.

The recipient does not feel like shopping. However, they are “forced” to buy because the goods are sold using the COD system.

These are the modes to watch out for, especially those just starting to shop online. It is easy to be tempted by the lure and seduction of fraudsters.

Well, here’s how to avoid online shopping scams that you can practice:

1. Don’t be tempted by low prices

The first way to avoid online shopping scams is not to be easily tempted by low prices. You have to be a critical consumer. Low prices are tempting the most common cause. You should be wary of online stores selling goods at prices far below the market.

It could be a scammer or selling counterfeit goods. You have to know what the normal price of the item is in the market.

If the difference is far enough, you should be wary, especially regarding a massive scale. However, you can feel safe if the one holding the sale is an official store or a shop appointed as the product’s official reseller.

2. Find out the Payment Methods Offered

International online shop payment methods are not much different from domestic online shops. However, some methods do not apply to transactions abroad. Some of the accepted methods include debit cards and credit cards. However, there are also those who accept other payment methods.

When you include this payment information, you have to be very careful. Make sure the site where you shop online is really safe. One of the easiest ways to ensure the security of an overseas online shopping site is to look at its URL. Safe sites usually start with “https://” because the letter S here indicates the existence of SSL (Secured Socket Layer), which indicates the existence of a security layer.

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Aside from using debit or credit cards, some vendors have started to accept cryptocurrency as payment. One of the main apps to use for this is Binance. If you live in the US, simply change your region and access Binance US when prompted. After the configuration, you can finally use it in any way you want.

3. Request Photos of Real Items

The next way to avoid online shopping scams is to ask for photos of real goods or products. You can ask for photos of real items if you are new to shopping at the store or are new to the seller. By checking the latest pictures or videos about the items you’re about the way, the chance of fraud can be minimized.

Fraudsters may ship inappropriate items or even send empty boxes to your home. You should be wary if other buyers also use the photos on display.

4. Reading Reviews or Testimonials

The next way to avoid online shopping scams is to read reviews or testimonials at the online store. Usually, buyers will review or provide testimonials regarding the goods purchased.

If the testimonials are complete, detailed, and reasonable, the store can be trusted and not a scammer. If the reviews are bad or many are disappointed with the goods and services at the store, you must reconsider shopping there.

5. Pay Attention to The Number of Sales

If you shop at the marketplace, it’s clear how much the item was sold. This can be a benchmark for the seller to be trusted or not. A seller sold lots of goods and has a good rating, it means he can be trusted.

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What about online sellers on social media? You can check how many positive comments and the number of posts. This is also a way to avoid online shopping scams that you can try and apply. Take the time to research the seller before shopping.

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