Sony X905F worth it? See the positives and negatives of the 4K smart TV

Sony XBR-X905F is a 4K smart TV brand that is available worldwide for sale from $1,321 in a 65 inches option. The model also has 55″, 75″ and 85″ versions, and has an LED panel with a native 120 Hz refresh rate. Sony TV also has support for HDR and Dolby Vision, Android TV system and is even recommended by Netflix to watch movies and series in the streaming service. Check out the main pros and cons of the product below and see if the X905F is worth it.

Positive points

HDR and Dolby Vision

Sony’s television is one of the few devices on the market that supports both technologies simultaneously. Therefore, the model is a good option for those who want the best possible picture quality when it comes to enjoying series and movies, mainly distributed by streaming services.

In this respect, Sony even values the fact that the X905F is recommended by Netflix to watch its contents. This recommendation determines that the TV offers good image and audio quality for streaming, besides additional smart features and agile access to apps and services.

Elegant design

The X905F from Sony has a slim frame design, leading to a sleek screen look. The thin edges are a feature of all model options, which feature on-screen sizes of 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. The TV also uses a foot stand located on the sides, thus making the installation more stable. This way, even models with a larger screen, which are heavier and depend on a firm support, are safe on the surface.

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Good feature range

Sony’s TV still comes with a good level of features. The remote control, for example, offers a dedicated button for Netflix and the device itself runs the Android TV operating system. Because of this, the user can access apps and games from the Play Store, as well as buy or rent movies and series directly from the Google store with Google Play Movies.

With integrated Chromecast, the TV is also well suited for interfaces, with four HDMI inputs, two USB, Ethernet, auxiliary sound output for P2, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cables. Also, the TV offers ports and connectors for composite video and digital audio output.

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Negative points


The 65″ X905F is the cheapest model in the range and, in our searches, it doesn’t come out for less than $1321. Interestingly, the 55-inch option is available starting at $1385.

LED Display

Although Sony TV supports both HDR and Dolby Vision picture capabilities, its screen is a conventional LED. As such, the technology lags behind OLED and QLED options as well as microLED, which offer displays with superior picture quality in color, brightness, and contrast.

This does not mean that the display is bad because it is LED or that the X905F TVs disappoint concerning picture quality. But with devices available on the market for similar values and the latest technologies, this point should be considered when buying your new smart TV.

Refresh rate

The TV has a 120 Hz native screen, which is a positive feature and makes the display of images faster, something ideal for movies and games, for example. However, this number should not be fully used in the model. This is because the HDMI 1.4b used in the model has a limit of 60 Hz to 4K, preventing the TV from delivering a higher frequency when running games on consoles with UHD support.

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