Samsung Q800T vs LG Nano95: compare spec and price of 8K smart TVs

The Samsung Q800T and LG Nano95 are two 8K smart TVs for sale in the market with 75-inch options. The models have some similarities in design, such as thin edges, control by virtual assistants such as Alexa, from Amazon, and Google Assistant, among other examples. However, the products present important differences, with the first appearing with Tizen and the second with webOS as the operating system.

Samsung Q800T vs LG 75NANO95

SpecificationsSamsung Q800TLG 75NANO95
Screen typeQLEDNanoCell Display
Screen frequency120 Hz60 Hz
Audio70 Watts RMS40 Watts RMS
Interfaces4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, Composite Input (AV), Digital Audio Output (Optical), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth4 HDMI, 2 USB, RF Input, Optical Digital Output, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Operating systemTizenwebOS 5.0
ProcessorQuantum 8K processorα9 Gen3 AI Processor 8K
Weight43.8 kg38.2 kg
Source: Samsung and LG

Screen and Design

Samsung Q800T

Both TVs feature a modern design with a premium finish. The similarity between the two models is in the thin edges, which can increase the feeling of picture spaciousness – especially with the 75″ “big screen”.

The stand supports of the LG model are on both sides, while the Samsung TV features single support in the middle of the device. Both models have channels to hide the power cable.

Image Quality

LG Nano95

The NanoCell offers 8K resolution with 33 million pixels and promises purer colors because of the application of 1 nm of nanoparticles, which are responsible for filtering and eliminating impure tones. The model also features Full Array Local Dimming, responsible for adjusting contrast levels by individual control of LED backlighting.

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The Samsung Q800T also offers 8K resolution with the same 33 million pixels. The difference is the processor, which promises to improve the quality of any content displayed. In addition, the TV also features a smart brightness sensor, adapting the brightness automatically according to the light conditions in the environment. In scenes with darker colors, the device also brings brightness adjustments with Direct Full Array technology.

Operating System

Samsung Q800T

Samsung’s model features the Tizen operating system, which is the standard for the brand’s televisions. With this, the platform tends to offer the user intuitive navigation and access to the main streaming services, such as Netflix, Globoplay, and Spotify, for example. It is also possible to interact with the TV through voice command, allowing access to applications, change channels and adjust the volume through Amazon’s virtual assistants Bixby and Alexa.

LG’s Nano95 runs the webOS 5.0 operating system, which promises to bring good fluidity to the product while running applications. With ThinQ Artificial Intelligence, the TV allows the user to access a control panel that has information about the other integrated devices. It is also possible to use the device as a central command via services. fromAmazon and Google, in addition to accessing the assistants themselves via the remote control.


Samsung’s model offers 70 Watts RMS, support for Dolby Digital Plus technology, Multiroom Link, and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the user the possibility to pair soundbars or speakers to amplify the TV’s volume. In addition, the TV also features an intelligent anti-noise system, similar to the one offered by The Sero, another premium model from the manufacturer.

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LG’s device has 40 Watts RMS and Dolby Atmos technology, which can deliver clear sounds in the most varied content being played. In addition, the model also features surround sound and Bluetooth audio connection, and it is also possible to expand the volume by adding other sound media playback devices.

Extra Features

LG NanoCell

LG’s model contains AirPlay integration for sharing content from Apple devices on the big screen. The user can also control the device via the ThinQ app, integrating the TV with other connected home devices, and allowing access to settings from the cell phone. The model also has the Sports Alerts feature, which broadcasts information before, during, and after matches.

With LG Channels, the user has access to several free channels via streaming. It is possible to consume content such as news, cooking, humor, musical events, sports, curiosities, viral videos, and trips, among others.

Samsung’s TV stands out for its Ambient Mode 3.0, where the user can choose photos, landscapes or even simulate the background wall to make the TV “disappear”. The idea is to use the feature as a kind of rest screen, promising not to spend too much energy on the function.

Samsung Q800T

Another interesting feature is Tap View, where the user can lean their smartphone against the TV to mirror content automatically from the manufacturer’s cell phones. Through the Smart Things app, it is also possible to access different connected home functions, integrating the TV to other IoT services. The Q800T model also features the Multi-Screen feature, where the user can run two contents at the same time.

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LG’s Nano95 model features the Smart Magic control, which has buttons for quick access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video apps, as well as numeric, directional, and microphone buttons for voice commands via ThinQ AI, Google Assistant, or Alexa. The differential of the accessory is the scroll, in the middle of the device, and the “mouse” style navigation, which speeds up the selection of desired content.

The remote control of Samsung’s Q800T model promises to recognize all compatible devices connected to the TV to control them automatically. The accessory’s construction is simple and its profile premium, basically featuring navigation buttons, voice command, and easy access to applications.

Price and Availability

LG NanoCell

On the Amazon store, the 75-inch, 8K resolution Nano95 model starts at $3,796.99

On the Amazon store, the Q800T model with the 75-inch size and 8K resolution starts at $2,487.95.

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