MagSafe on iPhone: Learn how Magnet-based Accessories Works

The iPhone 12 was presented this week by Apple and brought several new features, including a well-known brand name: MagSafe. It is a set of magnets positioned at the back of the mobile phone that allows attaching by magnetism accessories such as wallets for credit cards and even wireless chargers.

For now, the system is only available for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Because it’s a physical innovation, it doesn’t support previous generations of the phone. Check out below how the magnet-based accessory ecosystem works.

Although MagSafe is new to iPhone 12, it is a technology present in MacBooks since 2007. It was used in chargers, releasing itself from the computer if the user bumped into the wire and therefore preventing the Mac from being pulled. However, Apple no longer uses this system on the company’s computers.

On iPhone 12, MagSafe works differently. It has been expanded and forms a ring of magnets at the back of the phone to magnetically connect to wireless chargers. Before, there was the risk of the user positioning the device in the wrong way in the charger base. Now, MagSafe ensures that the device will always be drawn to the right point.


Apple revealed that some partner companies are already producing chargers compatible with the technology and cited Belkin Basic wireless. Apple itself plans to launch two chargers: the MagSafe Charge and the MagSafe Duo, both with 15 W power. The difference between them is that the second can recharge the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch battery simultaneously.

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MagSafe Duo

The MagSafe Charge will be sold for $39, but the MagSafe Duo has not yet had the value disclosed.

The magnetic technology has allowed the company to bypass the failure with the AirPower, the wireless charger base that the manufacturer intended to launch. The problem was that the accessory presented problems of overheating, causing a risk of fire in the devices and so it was not made available to the public.

Other companies are also expected to release MagSafe-compatible accessories to put the iPhone 12 in support of cars, pop sockets, and other devices. Belkin is already working on a magnetic car holder.

Belkins Magnetic Car Holder

MagSafe, however, will not be used only for chargers. Apple’s idea is to launch an ecosystem of devices that connect with the rear magnets.

The company has already presented some ideas, such as the leather wallet for a credit card that costs $59, and the transparent silicone covers that cost $49.

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