HP OMEN X 2S: A Gaming Laptop with Liquid Metal Cooling

One of the most determining aspects when buying a new gaming laptop is ventilation and refrigeration, especially if you are going to use it during long daily days of tournaments and challenges. That’s why the HP brand has put the batteries to offer gamers with the right cooling to be able to withstand high temperatures without their performance being undermined.

Among the different new products that the HP brand has just introduced for video game enthusiast, we can highlight, above all, the new HP OMEN X 2S, a 15-inch laptop with the added attraction of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal cooling technology. What do we get with this innovative cooling method? The equipment can dissipate heat in theory up to ten times more than other conventional cooling systems, increase the performance of the frames per second of a game by 28% and the response time 8.5% faster.

HP OMEN X 2S with two Screen and innovative cooling technology

In addition to the new cooling system, the new HP OMEN X 2S will have a user-friendly dual screen. Why did HP decide to add a dual-screen to a laptop?


According to the brand itself, collecting data from the technology industry, 82% of users use their mobile to send messages while playing with their laptop, 61% listen to music and 49% watch streaming games and other videos or surf the net. With this data on the table, HP wanted to offer the user a computer which can do several tasks at once. The HP OMEN X2S comes with a second 6-inch FullHD resolution touch screen to provide the user with an extra utility, such as sending WhatsApps while playing a game, watching YouTube videos while putting into practice the tricks he learns or controlling the options for using HP OMEN’s own Command Center menu.

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This new dual-screen laptop HP OMEN X 2S can be used with the so-called ‘mirror function’ with which you can show a specific area of the screen in the second, for example, the map of a strategy game.


A laptop dedicated to the gaming world with high-end specifications

Other features of this new HP laptop include the Intel Optane H10 solid-state disk storage, plus new Intel WiFi 6 technology that improves data transfer speeds up to three times faster than previous WiFi 5. In addition, new display configurations with refresh rates up to 240 Hz and FullHD resolution and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

In this laptop, there is the new version of the brand software, the HP OMEN Command Center, specific program to configure and manage the particular hardware dedicated to gaming. It incorporates two new features, Performance Control, which allows increasing the RP of the fan to increase cooling in addition to the Dynamic Power, which manages the CPU and GPU to maximize the frames per second, depending on the game.

The new OMEN X 2S Laptop will be available in July at a starting price of €2,700.

HP OMEN 15 and HP OMEN 17 are renewed

Not the only development announced today in HP’s gaming range. Its HP OMEN 15 and HP OMEN 17 notebooks are being revamped to offer smaller size, improved power, and increased cooling. Specifically, the refurbished equipment is now 20 and 18 percent thinner, with a thickness of 20 and 27 mm, respectively. For cooling, these models include the OMEN Tempest solution with a 12V fan. This system expels the hot air from three sides of the device and ensures a flow of air in five directions.

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On the graphics side, these notebooks now carry a newer NVIDIA graphics model, a GeForce RTX 2080. The processor is a ninth-generation Intel Core i9, with up to 5.0 GHz Turbo, eight cores, and 16 threads. Also, up to 32GB of RAM, depending on the configuration chosen.

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