5 Tips for Choosing the Right MacBook Model

Buying a MacBook can be expensive, based on Apple’s official prices. The United States has already been pointed out as the place where apple products are the most sold in the world. The most basic versions of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, for example, cost $999 and $1,229 at the brand’s store, respectively.

Nevertheless, with the upgrade of the lines, now with Magic Keyboard and 10th generation Intel processors, the old options can be found for lower values outside the official website. With that in mind, Techidence has gathered some tips that may help when choosing your new MacBook.

1. Determine the desired type of use

The first tip is to know what you want to use the computer for. This can help filter out which models might be interesting. Among the options, the regular MacBook is designed for everyday use, since it has older specifications. Meanwhile, MacBook Pro is designed for the most demanding users who use the full power of the device in heavier programs.

However, with a more mid-range datasheet, MacBook Air can be a good option for those who want to enjoy both productivity and entertainment. The model can even run some current games on the market with outstanding performance.

2. Set a maximum value

Used MacBook

Another tip that can help you choose the right MacBook is to set the maximum amount you want to pay. Because they’re premium computers, Apple’s models have very high value in the market. That way, it’s important to be more generous at the limit, since, according to the official apple site, the lowest value found for a MacBook is $999, for the latest MacBook Air.

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However, there are still several older options for the three MacBooks for sale at retail, and it’s up to the consumer to look at other sites before finalizing their purchase. An interesting option is that some Apple store usually brings products of the brand for lower prices.

3. Compare similar models

If you are still in doubt about whether or not to buy a MacBook, it’s worth looking for direct competitors that are for sale in the market. The apple device has several rivals of other brands with a similar proposal, offering high performance to the most demanding public. Unlike Apple’s laptop, competing laptops run Windows 10 and you can almost always find options with similar specifications at a much lower price.

Among the interesting options that the consumer can find are Asus Zenbook 3, Dell XPS 13, and Lenovo ThinkPad X1. These laptops are priced very similarly to a MacBook Air and have the difference of a bigger screen. Also, devices of this same category can be found at even more affordable values, such as the HP EliteBook Folio and the Samsung S51 Pro.

4. Prefer more recent versions

Another point you need to look at before you purchase is what year the MacBook in question was launched. As said before, several older models are being sold in the market, and if the consumer can afford to pay a little extra for the notebook, it is worth investing in a current model.

Recently released devices by Apple have all the support of the manufacturer in case of problems, besides having a more updated technical sheet. The last notebooks updated by the apple brand were the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which now have versions with the tenth generation of Intel Core i5 and Core 7 processors. This new specification makes all the difference if the user wants maximum performance from their device.

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5. New or used?

MacBook Pro 16

MacBooks have features that make them a good choice for anyone looking for a used notebook. Despite the higher price compared to rival models with similar datasheets, Apple laptops are known for their durability. Besides, just like iPhones, the brand’s computers come with an operating system that keeps getting updates for a long time.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to some features such as battery durability, the originality of the charger, whether it still has a factory warranty and the physical state of the laptop. Also, there are options called “refurbished”, which are products that, when new, had some kind of defect in the hand of the consumer – which is resolved before being resold.

Returned to the manufacturer, they were inspected, repaired, and put on sale again. However, because they are not new, but rather reconditioned, these products end up being offered at more affordable prices, which can be a good option for users.

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