Galaxy Buds Pro vs Airpods: compare Apple and Samsung Bluetooth headsets

Galaxy Buds Pro and AirPods are two premium Bluetooth headphones from Apple and Samsung. In-ear, the Galaxy model promises 360° audio and active noise cancellation, something that the Apple rival does not offer, but the brand’s high-end option, the AirPods Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs. Apple AirPods

SpecificationsGalaxy Buds ProAirPods
LaunchJanuary 2021March 2019
Drivers11 mm woofer, 6.5 mm tweeter
CodecsAAC, SBC and ScalableAAC and SBC
Noise cancellationActiveNo
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 and USB-CBluetooth 5.0 and Lightning
BatteryUp to 8 hours (21 hours in the case)5 hours (more than 24 in the case)
Weight6.3 grams4 grams
ColorsViolet, Silver or BlackWhite
Source: Samsung and Apple


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The design of the two headsets is quite different. While the Galaxy Buds Pro relies on the in-ear format of removable tips, with the benefit of greater sound isolation, the AirPods have a unique shape. Apple’s headset uses a stem that helps keep it stable in the ear, but the earbud-like shape may not fit well in every ear.

Another difference between the two is the colors. While Apple offers the product only in white, Samsung offers the Galaxy Buds Pro in violet, silver, or black. Also, only the newly released product has protection against splashing and water infiltration through IPX7 certification.

Sound Quality


Samsung’s headset should offer superior sound compared to the AirPods. The Galaxy Buds Pro guarantees active noise cancellation, which once activated cancels the outside sound for greater immersion and has 3D sound technology, unavailable in the Apple model. Another advantage of the Buds Pro is the presence of a dual-driver: there are a woofer and a tweeter per ear, allowing a more faithful reproduction of different frequencies.

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The AirPods is simpler in terms of sound, with a single driver per ear and no active noise cancellation technology. In terms of sound codecs, Apple’s product uses AAC and SBC, while the Galaxy relies on AAC, SBC, as well as Samsung’s own Scalable.


Galaxy Buds Pro

Both headsets allow interaction with voice assistants. Another similarity between the two is in the greater compatibility with devices of the respective brands. The AirPods ensure fast connectivity with Apple products, while the Galaxy Buds Pro only plays 3D audio with Samsung’s models.

The headphones also have automatic in-ear removal detection, used to stop-start playback or turn off the accessory, saving power. The Galaxy Buds Pro allows you to combine the microphones of the headset and the Galaxy phone to improve call quality, while Apple promises technology applied over the microphones to ensure cleaner voice on calls.


Apple  Airpods

On the battery side, the AirPods come with enough power that lasts 5 hours on the ear, plus a case that guarantees more than 24 hours of power. The Galaxy Buds Pro, on the other hand, goes further: Samsung talks about 8 hours of power without noise cancellation on (or 5, if you use the feature). In the charging case, that’s another 20 hours of charge without noise cancellation (or 13 hours if you use the technology).

Price and Competitors

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

AirPods have been on the market longer and because of this, it is natural that they are cheaper compared to the official value. Although Apple’s official website sells the product starting at $159, it is possible to find the product starting at $128 on Amazon.

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The Galaxy Buds Pro, on the other hand, is much newer, and the prices are still the launch prices. It can be found on Amazon for $199.99.

Among the alternatives, the consumer can consider other Samsung models, such as Galaxy Buds+ and Buds Live with dual driver and active noise cancellation, respectively. Other options from different brands are the Tune 215TWS, from JBL, ToneFree TN6, from LG, or the FreeBuds 3, from Huawei.

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