FIFA 23: 7 World Cup Mode updates you need to know about

FIFA 23 received a free update that introduced the World Cup 2022 mode in the soccer game developed by Electronic Arts. With it, you can play tournament matches in single-player, with friends, or against online opponents around the world. With that in mind, Techidence has put together a list of some of the main new features of the new format, as well as some new content that will arrive for FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA World Cup Live on 11 and 23 November.

FIFA 23 is available for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch-which do not receive the free update because it is a “Legacy” edition. See more details below.

1. Standard tournament

Standard tournament

Starting on the 9th, players can now venture into World Cup 2022 mode and choose from the 32 teams qualified to play in the tournament. It will be possible to choose where to start in the World Cup, how to enter at different times, and progress from the Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals or just play in the Final. You can play the mode against the CPU or friends and strangers in online matches. In addition to the qualified teams, 15 other teams that did not qualify will also be available and can be added to the tournament at the user’s discretion.

2. Two new stadiums

Two new stadiums

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar will have 8 official stadiums, but only 2 of them will arrive in FIFA 23. The first of these will be the Al Bayt, where the first match of the tournament between Ecuador and Qatar will be played on November 20. The second will be the Lusail stadium, which will host the final. Both venues will be recreated in detail and will feature an updated Match Day Experience to showcase the atmosphere of anticipation of the World Cup matches.

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3. Licensed teams

Licensed teams

For World Cup 2022, players will be able to use the authentic Brazilian National Team in FIFA 23, which usually features real uniforms and emblems, but generic players due to licensing issues. Thus, the game will bring all 32 teams qualified for the tournament 100% licensed. They are Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands, England, Iran, USA, Wales, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia, Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon, Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea.

Among the teams from countries that did not qualify, there are options such as Austria, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Sweden, and Ukraine. It is worth remembering that, recently, in an Electronic Arts simulation, Argentina was pointed out as a possible champion of the tournament.

4. Non-FUT Cards

Non-FUT Cards

Starting November 11, users will receive World Cup 2022 content in the second season of FIFA Ultimate Team. For the first time in the series, the tournament will be integrated into FUT, rather than a separate mode. In addition, players will be able to earn World Cup cards and strengthen their teams with players borrowed from their favorite nations.

It should be noted that some cards will progress in real-time and may change depending on the player’s performance in the competition. All Hero cards in the game will also have special artwork, designed by Marvel.

5. FIFA World Cup: Live

FIFA World Cup: Live

Starting November 21st, after the official competition starts, the FIFA World Cup: Live mode will be available in the game. In this mode, the user will be able to follow the real matches and play them with detailed reproductions such as the line-up of the teams. Real events will also be reproduced in the game, such as when a player is injured or a coach has tried a new approach.

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In the game, you can play local or online matches, as well as use the “Your FIFA World Cup” mode to choose the real-life path of one of the nations and play your tournament.

6. More online options

More online options

The World Cup 2022 mode brings several options to play with friends and online opponents. Users will be able to enter tournaments against 3 other opponents to see who can win the trophy. Online Quick Play also allows you to compete against anyone with ranked nations.

Crossplay will also be enabled, allowing matchmaking between different platforms, but only on the same console generation. Users will be able to face each other on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One or between PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

7. Classic Soundtrack

To choose the definitive soundtrack for FIFA 23 in World Cup mode, Electronic Arts opened a vote for users to choose their favorite songs across the years of the franchise. Then, on November 7, the company released the definitive list, which includes classics such as “MGMT – Kids,” “Avicii – The Nights,” “Glass Animals – Heatwaves,” and “Blur – Song 2.” The soundtrack is available to listen to on Spotify and will feature the premiere of the new song “Baby Queen” by Gorillaz.

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