PS5 vs PS4: Learn What Changes Between the two Sony Consoles

Sony unveiled several games and the design of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) in an online event, broadcast on Thursday (11). As the video game comes to market later this year, the owners of PlayStation 4 (PS4) are starting to think about updating the equipment, but is it worth changing the console, without taking into account the new games?

Learn some of the main visual and functional differences that PlayStation 5 should bring about PS4, including on accessories, and readiness to welcome the new generation. It’s worth remembering that the PS5 is scheduled to launch at the end of 2020 for $399.

General view

The official measurements of the PS5 have not yet been released by Sony, but it is possible to make a comparison using the CD input of the console, revealing that the PS5 is larger than the PS4 in length. This becomes clear when it is in the “standing” position, which seems to be the new standard for the company. Even the PS4 Pro, the largest version of the console, does not reach the size of the PS5.

Also, the biggest difference between consoles, of course, is in color. The PS4 only exists in black models by default – discounting any special and thematic editions of games. The PS5 will have a mix between black and white, with more emphasis on the white parts.



As mentioned, the PS5 appears to have a standard “standing” position, supported by a small base that holds it upright. However, it will be possible to use the console also lying down, horizontally.

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The PS4 has only the horizontal option. The device was never announced by Sony with an option to be used vertically, even in the first announcements and the launch. Although it doesn’t change anything in practice, it can have an impact on the way the player arranges the shelf where the console is.

Digital and Physical

Sony innovates by bringing the PS5 in two options: one with Blu-Ray disc input for games and movies, the other without disc input, compatible only with digital content such as games downloaded on the PSN. Prices have not been revealed, but there is a thought that digital editing is cheaper.


The PS4 never had this second option fully digital. Although many players choose to buy only games downloaded on PSN, all PS4 models come with input for game discs or movies.



As already revealed, DualSense is the new PS5 control. It follows numerous changes, which go beyond the name. Adapted triggers and tactile feedback sensors are some of the main inclusions of DualSense, which will also have a built-in microphone and new ways to play with sensors.

All this is a huge change from the DualShock 4, from PS4. Sony’s current control looks a lot like the DualShock 3 on the PS3, bringing as additions a touch panel, speaker, headphone jack, and a light section. The DualSense replaces the speakers with the microphone, and changes the material to make the control easier to hold and without slipping, besides the evolution of the buttons.


The PS5 has already been announced with an official Sony headset, but little is known about its name or technical specifications. It will not come with the console in the most basic package, only in special editions, and will be sold separately. Like the PS5, the headset is white and should use Bluetooth communication. The PS4 has some options already released from Sony’s official headphones, but they should all be compatible with the PS5, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

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