10 PC Games You Can Play On Your Browser For Free

Web browsers hide a much greater potential than you imagine. They can be excellent tools to increase your productivity at work and in your studies. And also to have fun playing.

A game in a browser works thanks to the technology used by Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, that is, the World Wide Web (WWW), in addition to the use of certain plug-ins such as Flash Player, whose activation is necessary when playing some games.

For beginners, we will review the 10 best PC games that you can play on your browser for free. We hope you like it.


Slither.io is a game that consists of controlling your worm along the screen to absorb the greatest number of balls possible. The more balls you get, the bigger your worm will be.

Because of its mechanics, many will remember the mythical game of the mobile snake. The main difference with this comes with the rest of the worms that will be found on the screen, and are controlled by other players online.

If they eat you, you will automatically become balls of light like the ones you were eating earlier. Yes, buddy, those colored balls are the corpses of previous worms.



Agar.io is quite similar to Slither.io, but this time you are a small ball that has to eat other balls until it becomes a huge ball capable of absorbing bigger balls. But watch out, you will not be alone, since you will be fighting for food with other players with the same intentions as you.

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 It also has several game modes: Normal (FFA), a fun Battle Royale where only one can be left, a team battle, and an experimental mode. A very simple concept, but absorbing.

DarkOrbit: Reloaded

DarkOrbit: Reloaded is a massive multiplayer interstellar battle game in which you will have to face countless enemies aboard your spaceship. A must, if you are a fan of this genre.

The game has game options against other players or against the computer, where you can visit several maps, and get a wide variety of resources.

War Brokers

War Brokers

War Brokers is a first-person multiplayer shooter with a fun cartoon look that makes it much more accessible to the general public. To understand us, this is a kind of Call of Duty in the Minecraft version.

They offer two game options, “Classic” and “Battle Royale” mode, as it could not be otherwise. During the game, you can use different war vehicles to take your team to victory: tanks, helicopters, battle trucks, and much more.

Classic Minecraft

Classic Minecraft

Now you can play the famous sandbox at any time while surfing. A vast world to get lost exploring or digging for materials of all kinds with which to build buildings. This version for browsers adds the option to invite other players to our server.

Dragon Awaken

A fun multiplayer adventure in a medieval fantasy context with outstanding artistic details. This game offers combats by turns within an enormous online map where you will discover new abilities, mounts, and more and more powerful weapons to confront the majestic dragons.

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You can choose your character among different heroes of mythology, with unique images and skills.

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

This online strategy title has been with us for a few years now, although it has managed to stay alive thanks to its successful combination of turn-based fighting in various historical contexts of our civilization.


The frenetic arcade Hexagon is a challenge only recommended for the most skilled. Its approach is to direct the cursor where there are no walls to crash into.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds, since everything will accelerate more and more forcing us to sharpen our reflexes to the maximum. Everything is at the rhythm of a brutal sound section.

The only catch is that we need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed before this.

Meat Boy

This Flash platform game for the browser developed by Team Meat became so popular that more of them released their version for conventional platforms, known as Super Meat Boy.

The browser version offers you a platform title where you have to advance through each level until you reach the final goal. To do this, you have to use features such as the double jump and the walls to achieve the goal. As we progress in this peculiar adventure, the challenge will be greater.



The mythical ’93 title that came out for the 16-bit consoles of the time. This game adapts the adventures of the young Aladdin from the famous Disney animation film. The game looks like a very careful visual section that imitates in detail the various scenarios of the original film.

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An action game and side-scrolling platform where you will have to advance through the different scenarios until you face the evil Jafar and rid the city of Agrabah of his evil intentions of domination. Only for the most nostalgic.

This has been our review of the 10 most remarkable games to play for free from the browser. Of course, the offer is very wide, and there are many more games out there waiting to be discovered. At least this list will help you get started.

And as always, don’t forget to leave your recommendations in the comment box below.

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