Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X: Which Is The Best For You?

Microsoft revealed all the information about the Xbox Series X specifications to show that the console is really powerful. Its specifications should be translated into increasingly real-world graphics and very relevant gameplay advantages, such as faster loading speed in screens. Nevertheless, is it different from Xbox One, or Xbox One X, which is the current and most powerful video game available on the market? Take a look at the following comparison, and understand the wide difference between the two consoles.

Keep the tables complete with the settings for each console:

Technical specifications of consoles

Xbox Series XXbox One X
CPUAMD Zen 2 Custom eight-coreCustom eight-core AMD
GPU12 Teraflops6 Teraflops
Memory16GB GDDR612GB GDDR5



Microsoft had already unveiled the complete design of the Xbox Series X. It looks like a computer tower but in square form. It has already been confirmed that it is about 30 centimeters high and 15.1 centimeters wide in its bases. Compared to the Xbox One X, it looks a little more compact, despite the strange shape. The Xbox One X is 24 centimeters long, but the width is equivalent to the height of the X Series: about 30 centimeters.


In terms of processor, the two are more or less close. Both Xbox One X and Xbox Series X have an eight-core processor. The difference lies in the model: a custom AMD Zen 2 for Series X, and a common custom AMD for Xbox One X. This may be the closest point between the two.

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The GPU, i.e. the graphical processing, is what separates the two consoles a lot. The Xbox Series X boasts a GPU with 12 Teraflops of processing capacity, while Xbox One X has “only” six, literally half. The more Teraflops, the more ability to generate good graphics.



In memory, the two come close, but the Xbox Series X does better, with 16 GB of RAM, while the Xbox One X has 12 GB. Besides, the memory category of the Xbox Series X is GDDR6, implying better speed against GDDR5 of One X.


Xbox Series X memory cards

Both consoles come with 1TB of factory storage, but the Xbox Series X focuses on speed above all, so your storage will be on SSD, not HDD. You can expand your capacity with external hard drives or with Microsoft proprietary memory cards with more than 1TB of capacity.

Game Library

For now, there’s no information on which games are precisely confirmed for Xbox Series X, other than one or two multi-platform games like Cyberpunk 2077. However, it shouldn’t owe anything to its big brother, as it will be compatible with the entire Xbox family, from the first model to Xbox One X.


The price of Xbox Series X has not been set by Microsoft, but it is expected to be competitive, as the company has done in the market recently. That is a value that is not expensive, but attractive for everything it offers. It is worth remembering that currently, the Xbox One X costs US$500.

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