Coronavirus: 10 Free Mobile Games to Play in Quarantine

Mario Kart Tour, Brain Out and Johnny Trigger are among some of the game suggestions to play on mobile phones during the quarantine of the new coronavirus. Gamers around the world are in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Techidence has sorted out a list of free games for everyone to enjoy on their smartphones and tablets. For those who prefer to play on consoles or the PC, there is also a list dedicated to free games for these platforms. Check out the selection of 10 games for Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) to distract you from coronavirus at home.

Most games have a free indicative rating, which means they can be played by the entire family. The exceptions are some of the more action-oriented games, such as Johnny Trigger and Hunter Killer, due to the use of weapons and violence, and Rescue Cut, which also brings violence but in a more comical way. The rest of the list features puzzle games like Brain Out and Woodturning; racing, like Mario Kart Tour; and simulators, like Take Off: Flight Simulator, released for all ages.

1. Johnny Trigger (Android and iPhone)

Johnny Trigger
  • Indicative rating: 12 years

A secret agent who shoots first and then says, “This is Johnny Trigger. The game puts players to control Johnny in phases crowded with mob villains as he eliminates everyone with slow-motion action scenes. The role of the player is to control the timing of shots to make sure that Johnny will not miss any shots and end up a hit.

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2. Woodturning (Android and iPhone)

  • Indicative rating: Free

For users looking for a different kind of puzzle, Woodturning brings a curious experience in which your goal is to carve a wooden object. The object is rotated continuously while the player uses different types of chisels to try to get as close as possible to the originally proposed shape.

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3. Draw Climber (Android and iPhone)

Draw Climber
  • Indicative rating: Free

A rather strange race awaits players in Draw Climber, a game where you draw the legs of your character. Mere scratches on the touch screen become members that will propel your competitor through varied courses. The type of leg drawn determines whether the player can beat opponents and get enough coins along the way.

4. Mario Kart Tour (Android and iPhone)

Mario Kart Tour
  • Indicative rating: Free

The popular running franchise with Nintendo’s plumber is also present on smartphones with addictive gameplay. Mario Kart Tour puts players to race on tracks in both the Mushroom Kingdom and the real world like London and Paris. Its control method is also simplified with the automatic acceleration of the kart which helps players to only focus on the turns and the use of items.

5. 8 Ball Pool (Android and iPhone)

  • Indicative rating: Free

For snooker lovers, 8 Ball Pool brings a package with lots of variety and clashes against opponents from all over the world. Players can face each other in traditional 8 Ball, 9 Ball games, try their luck at Lucky Shot to win extras and more. The game has several bars, clubs, and saloons as scenery and the player can have a collection of different clubs to use.

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6. Take Off: Flight Simulator (Android, iPhone, and PC)

  • Indicative rating: Free

Take Off: Flight Simulator is a popular flight simulator that allows players to fly various types of aircraft on various missions. It is still possible to open your airlines to make trips around the world. The game has a mission structure and company management similar to truck simulators, but with a much bigger challenge to land in one piece instead of parking.

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7. Brain Out (Android and iPhone)

Brain Out
  • Indicative rating: Free

For those who like puzzles, Brain Out offers a lot of them – all quite challenging. The game requires the user to think outside the box to solve problems that may seem simple but usually involve some catch. Occasionally it’s possible to get stuck on one of the puzzles, but there is also a help system as the last resort.

8. Hunter Assassin (Android and iPhone)

Hunter Assassin
  • Indicative rating: 10 years

Unlike other mobile action games, Hunter Assassin puts the player in the role of a soldier at a disadvantage against more powerful and well-equipped enemies. His only alternative is to sneak out his opponents, but you have to be aware of the fact that when you eliminate an enemy the others come to check what happened to him.

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9. Rescue Cut (Android and iPhone)

Rescue Cut
  • Indicative rating: 14 years

Rescuing a man hanging when cutting a cut seems a fairly simple assumption, but Rescue Cut presents several progressively more complex situations. The player only interacts with the screen when cutting ropes. The movement of hanging objects can throw the hanging man to his freedom or thorns and other traps.

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10. Parkour Race (Android and iPhone)

Parkour Race
  • Indicative rating: Free

Infinite running games are nothing new, but Parkour Race introduces an interesting parkour element to gameplay and also competition. Users just need to move their characters left or right on the screen. However, according to the gameplay scenario, they can perform jumps, slide under obstacles and even run through walls – all to try to get ahead of the other characters.

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