Windows 365: What Does It Offer and What Are Its Advantages

Microsoft has just announced Windows 365. This is a new cloud platform, i.e. a service that runs in the cloud. Windows 365 uses the Cloud PC philosophy, which allows the execution of a complete operating system, in this case, Windows 10 and Windows 11, from a web browser. What exactly is Windows 365 and what are its advantages? In this article, we take you out of doubt.

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Windows 365

To put it simply, Cloud PC refers to remote access by a user to hardware and software resources that have been virtualized. Thus, it is no longer necessary to have specific hardware to access an operating system, since all data processing is done externally on a server.

Thus, with Windows 365 it is possible to access a functional virtual machine with any current browser. Using this system, Windows 10 and Windows 11 will be available on laptops and older computers, provided they are capable of running a current browser. It will also be possible to use Windows on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Something similar is already happening with running video games. Microsoft itself already has its xCloud service. And other companies such as Google and Amazon have done the same. The concept is the same. All the power needed for a video game to work is located on a remote computer. The only thing the user receives is a streaming “copy” of the content on the screen. Of course, the user can interact with the machine and therefore play in real-time thanks to high-speed connections.

What are the Advantages of Windows 365 Cloud PC?

The advantages of this new philosophy are many. You should know that, for the moment, this commercial proposal is only available for companies. Therefore, it is not a consumer product, but a service aimed at professional environments.

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Your Configurations Wherever You Go

The virtualized computer accessed through the browser and running Windows 10 or Windows 11 maintains the configuration regardless of the device used. Whether you connect on an iPhone, Chromebook, or laptop, the virtual machine will always have the same settings. In addition, there is no need to wait for Windows to boot up. Simply put, the operating system is waiting for the user at all times and even keeps up with the tasks he left half-finished.

Windows 365

Power is No Longer A Problem

As mentioned above, all the client needs is a browser. Virtually any computer today is capable of running Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox with agility. Thus, accessing Windows 365 Cloud PC does not require high specifications. That does not mean that Windows 365 does not have powerful machines. Microsoft will offer different plans with more or less capable equipment depending on the tasks to be performed. And if a Windows 365 machine falls a little short, it can be upgraded at any time.

Security is a Priority

Another advantage is security. With Windows 365 Cloud PC all information is stored in the cloud. There is no risk of losing information, either by misplacing the computer or by having an accident with it. After all, if a computer breaks down, Windows will still be accessible on any other computer.

When Will Windows 365 Cloud PC Be AVailable?

Windows 365 will be available from August 2, 2021. For the time being, it is a platform focused on businesses. Therefore, it will not be available for personal use. Microsoft has not revealed the final prices of the service either.

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