What is SMS Marketing and How it Works

SMS means short message service and it means sending the standard kind of messages that we are all used to sending and receiving on our mobile phones. SMS marketing is a very useful method of reaching out to customers, promoting new products, and delivering important information. There was a bit of a stigma in previous years about SMS marketing due to its unregulated use when text messaging first became popular, but now it is widely recognized as a very effective avenue of a multi-faceted marketing campaign. Even the fiercest detractors are now starting to see the benefits of text message marketing.

To help separate the facts from the fiction, here is what you need to know about SMS marketing and how it works.

1. SMS Marketing Allows you to Personalize Your Message

Many studies have shown that potential customers respond significantly more positively to messages which are personally addressed to them. The folks at explain that this is one of the key facts which everyone in marketing must know. By using SMS, your business has the opportunity to add the recipient’s name to messages as well as other important information which will make the recipient feel valued. As SMS marketing messages can only legally be sent to recipients who have opted into the service, your business will already have some information that you can use to personalize the messages.

What is most important is that you provide personalized content or promotional material that you know the recipient wants to receive without bombarding them with messages or making them feel like you are using their information against them. Every business should aim to keep their customers involved and well informed about products, services, and important company news, and by personalizing your messages, your customers will feel like part of the team.

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2. SMS is an Effective Supplement to Other Marketing Tools

As well as being a highly effective marketing tool on its own, SMS is also very effective when used to supplement other approaches. The best marketing campaigns take a multi-faceted approach and using SMS to support and enhance your email and social media marketing, in particular, can reap major benefits. The uniquely high open rates of SMS mean that you can use it to alert your customers and followers that you have sent an email or that your business has posted something on social media.

The beauty of SMS is that you only need to send a short message notifying the recipient because the main content will be in the email or social media post. An email has a very low open rate because people don’t tend to check their inboxes too often and are quick to assume that messages are spam, but by sending an SMS notification, you can improve the chances of your email being opened by 30%.

3. SMS is Instantaneously Trackable

Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to marketing and SMS is fantastic for providing trackable results. These days, when you send a message, there are delivery receipts that will show you in real-time when your message was received and seen. You can also send messages which require the recipient to click on a link or subscribe to the service then you will be able to analyze the success of your SMS campaign. You can use these success rates to make adjustments to the messages you are sending so that you will have a better response from your customers in the future.

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4. SMS Marketing is a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Despite common misconceptions that SMS marketing costs a lot of money, you can send out texts in bulk to new or existing customers on a relatively small budget. Compared to other digital marketing tools, your SMS campaign can be the most cost-effective, especially in terms of ROI. As you are only allowed to send SMS messages to people who have opted in for the service, you can be assured that the vast majority of your texts will be received. This means that there will be very little money wasted on sending texts to people who are unlikely to be interested in what you are offering or selling.

SMS marketing is a great way to make some serious returns on your investment. By implementing a strategic SMS marketing plan, you will be able to reach new customers, give your followers up to date with your business, and increase your audience size and sales conversion rate. SMS is the single most direct marketing approach, and every business should look at incorporating it into their marketing strategy.

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