The 10 Most Popular Instagram Accounts in 2021

The recent escalation of TikTok in terms of the number of users has not made Instagram remain the most popular social network in 2021. Proof of this is that influencers continue to bet on this format even though it cannot be directly monetized as it can be done with TikTok. As of today, there are more than a few personalities who have more than 10, 100, or even 200 million followers. On this occasion, we have compiled the 10 most popular Instagram accounts with the most followers in 2021.

1. Instagram: The App’s Profile is the Most Followed


And the reason is that the application automates the profile following when we register on Instagram. As of the publication date, the official Instagram profile has more than 398 million followers, which can give us an idea of the number of users that the application has. The good news is that we can undo this action, although it is a good way to find out all the news, which is usually announced in Stories, Reels, and publications.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo: The Footballer with the Most Followers in 2021


Cristiano Ronaldo has long ceased to be just an elite athlete. Ronaldo is the figure with the highest economic return on his Instagram account, with more than 303 million followers. We are talking about the player pocketing almost 1 million euros per publication according to the latest reports. In 2019 alone, the footballer made a total of 49 sponsored posts on his profile, so the Portuguese could have pocketed almost 50 million euros just in sponsorships through Instagram.

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The popular actor and wrestler accumulate as of today more than 247 million followers on Instagram alone. Along with Cristiano Ronaldo, he is one of the personalities who obtains the most economic revenue from his publications, as the star has published dozens of sponsored photos and videos in the last few years.

4. Ariana Grande: The Most Followed Singer on Instagram


Ariana Grande is not only the most popular singer on Instagram within the social network, but she is also the woman with the highest number of followers, ahead of stars like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, who is next in the ranking. In this case, the American actress and singer accumulate more than 245 million followers on the app.

5. Kylie Jenner: The Personality Who Charges More Per Post


That’s right, and it is that despite not being the person with the largest number of followers on Instagram (242 million as of publication), it is the most prolific profile in economic terms. In 2019, Kendall’s sister pocketed $ 1.27 million per sponsored post. Interestingly, the number of sponsorships on Kylie’s account is very low when compared to profiles such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s or The Rock: only three sponsored posts in 2019.

The reason may be because she has her makeup line, while most publications have to promote their products.

6. Selena Gomez: Very Close to Kylie in Number of Followers and Sponsorships


The Wizards of Waverly Place star ranks just behind Kylie Jenner, with 238 million followers as of publication. The actress also boasts one of the most prolific profiles on Instagram, as she went on to pocket approximately $900,000 per sponsored post in 2019. In the same year, Gomez made a total of 9 sponsorships between videos and photos, getting to pocket about $ 8 million.

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7. Kim Kardashian: The Kardashian with the Most Followers


If we exclude Kylie, sister on Kim’s mother’s side, Kim is the Kardashian with the most followers on Instagram in 2021, with no less than 230 million followers. Just like her sister, Kim has her makeup line called KKW BEAUTY. This is the reason why her profile does not have as many promoted posts as other profiles.

8. Leo Messi: The Second Football Player with the Most Followers on Instagram


Messi is the player with the most followers behind Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentine player has more than 220 million followers on Instagram. Like the Portuguese, his profile is one of the most prolific in terms of sponsorships, with the player pocketing $650,000 per post, with no less than 36 promoted posts in 2019. This led him to pocket more than $23 million in 2019, making him the second most profitable profile.


Behind Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez in the world of music, we find Beyonce. The artist accumulates to date more than 187 million followers. In her profile, we can find both personal publications, as well as musical content and Adidas products from her line of clothing and accessories from the hand of Ivy Park.

10. Justin Bieber: The Male Singer with the Most Followers


In tenth place and first place on the podium of male singers with the most followers on Instagram, we find Justin Bieber. The controversial Canadian singer accumulates more than 179 million people on his profile despite being one of the most controversial figures of recent years for his excesses.

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