Are Online Text Editors Helpful While Writing Content?

Online text editors are becoming increasingly famous. So, what is the reason behind their sudden fame? 

It’s nothing new for people to use portable tools to save time. However, since online tools came about, many people have also dumped that idea. Nowadays, online tools are much more preferred, and online text editors happen to be one of them.

Today, we’re going to analyze just how helpful these online text editors can be to a writer. So, let’s dive right into it. 

Defining Online Text Editors

An online text editor is a type of software that allows users to edit text files in a web browser. There are two main types of online text editors: WYSIWYG and HTML-based. A WYSIWYG editor, or “what you see is what you get” editor, is an interface.

This is the tool where the user can see how the final product will look. HTML-based editors are more common and allow for more flexibility with formatting. An online text editor can be used for many different purposes, such as creating personal documents, writing blog posts, or editing code.

How Online Text Editors Are Helpful While Writing Content

Online text editors can provide many different types of help to a writer. In this section, we’re going to explore five key offerings of an online text editor. So, let’s dive right into it. 

  1. Quick Editing

One of the main benefits of using an online text editor is that you can edit or amend your content quickly. Let’s say you’re outside, away from your PC or Laptop; you can simply head on to an online editor’s website. Then, you can copy and paste or upload the document into it to make changes. 

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So, it doesn’t only provide the utmost convenience when you need it the most, but it also does it with quickness. Besides that, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much effort. Thus, an online text editor is a way to go whenever you’re in dire need of editing and wish to edit your text on the way. 

For one, you won’t have to worry about the usual hassle that comes with a word processor. Second, you’ll easily be able to change or edit your content without any delays. Making it one of the quickest solutions possible while writing content. 

  1. Access From Anywhere

One of the best things about an online text editor is that you can access it from anywhere. Whether you’re using a mobile phone, a laptop, or a Mac, all you need is a working internet connection. This sort of access doesn’t only make it ideal; it makes it preferable.

Since you can use a tool from anywhere, won’t you prefer it over having one to pay for? Instead of buying an expensive rich text editor, you can simply access a good online text editor with your device anytime you wish. This type of accessibility makes it an unparalleled tool in a writer’s life. 

  1. Rich-Text Editing Options

An online text editor comes with many options. This doesn’t only include the basics that it provides alongside, but rather the additional option. Granted, some online text editors may not have all the word-processing options.

However, a good online text editor will always provide options such as:

  • Insert Media;
  • Add Table, Links, etc.;
  • Format your text in various fonts, underlines, bold text, italic, etc.
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These factors aren’t only helpful but rather necessary for a writer. That’s what makes a rich-text editor one of the best online text editors and why a writer should be using it. 

  1. No Need to Download

Perhaps the most intriguing and useful option for an online text editor is the fact that you don’t have to download it. Instead, all you need to do is go online to the website and start writing away. While the name surely suggests it’s an editor, you can use it as a writer all the same.

This option makes it not only convenient but also a lot better than having to download a free tool. Besides that, good online text editors tend to be free. So, once again, as a student or a novice writer, you won’t have to worry about paying up to use it. 

  1. Other Options (Depends on The Editor) 

Lastly, while this depends on the online text editor you use, these tools also come with plenty of other options. So, if an online text editor comes from a reputable website, then they’d offer other good options, such as:

  • Grammar correction;
  • Downloading the edited file as DOCX;
  • Paraphrasing or plagiarism check, etc.

These additional factors won’t only add to your convenience but also make it a lot more preferable over other online text editors. So, pick one that does offer these additional offers for you to stand out with quality content. 


These are some of the main qualities of an online text editor that could prove really handy for a writer. So, while writing content, using a good editor will provide you with all these benefits. But, that’s where your challenge is; to find a good online text editor for free.

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