Seven reasons that may cause your Google account to be suspended forever

Google may suspend users’ accounts for many reasons. If you violate any of the user policies, the Search engine giant has the right to close your account at any time. Once banned, the user loses access to services such as Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, and Google Drive. However, for those who use Android phones, the inconvenience is even more serious: a banned account affects the entire functioning of the system.

Depending on the type of violation committed, Google warns about the suspension in advance. However, if it is something very serious, the account can be closed without prior notice. It is worth mentioning that, in some cases, the illicit activity may not have been performed by the user, but by hackers who obtained the password and used the account to send spam, phishing campaigns, and content related to child exploitation. Therefore, it is important to if someone has access to your google account and make adjustments to reinforce the security of the account.

Many of Google’s decisions to close accounts, remove applications from the Play Store or drop videos on YouTube are made by automated systems. Therefore, if you believe the company has made a mistake, the user can request a review of the cancellation and request restoration of the account. To do this, simply log in, as usual, choose the option “Try to restore” and follow the instructions indicated. It is also possible to download the data from the disabled account and save them using some Google services.

The best way to prevent your account from being banned is to know and follow the terms of use of Google’s services. Below are seven reasons that may lead to a permanent suspension of your account and be careful not to incur any of these practices.

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1. Violation of the terms of use

Suspended account

Any and all Google accounts may be terminated if you do not follow company policies. This includes not only Google’s terms of use, but also its products, such as YouTube and Play Store. For example, It is prohibited to post pornographic or sexually explicit content on YouTube. The Google app store, on the other hand, does not allow apps that violate other people’s intellectual property rights. Actions contrary to these provisions may result in the suspension of the account.

2. Sending Phishing and Malware

Sending fake emails is one of the most recurring forms of phishing. Not by chance, Google prohibits the use of Gmail and its other services to carry out this type of criminal activity. The sending of malware, as well as other harmful software and code, is also prohibited by the company.

3. Spam Practice

disabled google account

Google does not allow the use of its services to send unwanted or unauthorized material – the popular and annoying spam. On its support page, the company classifies spam emails, comments, photos, reviews or any other unsolicited promotional or commercial material. Sending content to people you don’t know or to many people at the same time may also result in account closure.

Creating, sharing, sending, and uploading content that characterizes child exploitation or abuse is a practice that is strictly prohibited by Google. Images of child sexual abuse, including drawings, and materials that depict children sexually are removed from the company’s servers. In addition to having the account suspended, the user can be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and legal authorities.

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5. Terrorist Content Sharing

Do not use Google’s services to share content designed to recruit people for terrorist organizations, incite violence, glorify terrorist attacks, or promote acts of terrorism. Please note, however, that it is permitted to post material related to this topic for educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purposes. In such cases, be sure to provide sufficient information for people to understand the context.

6. Creating false accounts

In order to avoid social engineering scams, Google prohibits the use of its services to create false identities. For example, creating a Gmail address that untruthfully suggests that someone works for a government organization is a violation of company policies. However, it is okay for a fan to create an email account named after a celebrity.

7. Using bots to send automated messages

You may not use your Google account to make phone calls or send messages from bots, standalone programs designed to run over the Internet performing repetitive and automated tasks. The use of robots is also prohibited by Adsense. It is common for such software to be used to expand the volume of traffic and thus increase an advertiser’s costs or earnings of an advertiser.

“Clicks on Google ads need to be of real user interest. Any and all methods used to artificially generate clicks or impressions are strictly prohibited by the program’s policies,” says Google on the Adsense support page.

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