Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH: Features, Reviews, and Price

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is cell phones because of their direct involvement with photography and certain system functions. For some time now, brands such as Samsung have been betting on this field to give their appliances a life of their own. This is the case of the Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH, an intelligent washing machine that in addition to having customized programs, learns the user’s habits to create suggestions tailored to the needs of the home. All this with the savings in energy consumption and time that it entails, as we will see below.

The Artificial Intelligence component applied is accompanied by a series of systems and technologies that provide the washing machine with functions never seen before, with programs that allow us to clean the drum, interrupt cycles without emptying the drum, and self-dosing of detergent and softener to improve the end-user experience. Like a smartphone, but without being one.

Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH Datasheet

Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH
Washer TypeFreestanding washing machine
Size and dimensions600 x 850 x 600 millimeters and 79 kilograms of weight
Water consumption50 liters per cycle
Energy efficiencySpin efficiency
Maximum capacity9 kilograms
TechnologiesArtificial Intelligence SmartThings
Technology Child
Pre Wash
Self-cleaning bucket
Washing programsEco 40-60
AI Wash
Quick Wash
Child Care
Active Wear
Delicate Clothes
Drain + Centrifuge
Drum Clean +
Silent Wash
Intense Cold
Display typeLED
Sound powerUp to 72 decibels in spin
DesignGalvanized steel and glass door
Colors: white
Featured FeaturesChild safety lock, synchronization with the SmartThings app from a Samsung mobile, 10 years warranty …
Release dateAvailable

A Washing Machine That Learns From You And Your Laundry Habits

Thanks to the SmartThings application developed by Samsung and the different machine learning algorithms that the washing machine integrates, the Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH is able to generate personalized suggestions according to the previous washes that the user has done.

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Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH

On the one hand, AI Control technology shows through the control panel of the washing machine the most recommended programs depending on the type of garment you have previously washed. AI Panel is in charge of memorizing the user’s routines to generate preferences depending on the day of the week or the programmed activities, among other parameters. In this way, the washing machine will program cycles according to the user’s needs: sportswear for Tuesdays, formal wear for the weekend…

Self-dosing Technology to Forget About Detergent and Fabric Softener

Artificial Intelligence applied to washing also serves to save on detergents and fabric softeners. Thanks to the four sensors that the washing machine incorporates, the Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH is able to dose the right amount based on the amount of laundry and the level of soiling of the garments. Also, the system is able to calculate the estimated laundry time based on the parameters just mentioned, optimizing the washing times without the user having to program them manually.

Thanks to the integration of all these systems, the washer is capable of storing detergent and softener for a month, with an average of four weekly cycles, always depending on the amount of laundry and the level of soiling of the garments.

AddWash and SuperSpeed: Wash Fast and Without Draining Water from the Drum

The technology embedded in the WW90T986DSH of the QuickDrive series goes beyond the use of Artificial Intelligence. AddWash comes as a solution that allows us to put any garment inside the washer without emptying the water from the drum. We can also adjust the levels of detergent and softener to give extra freshness to the garments. At any time of the cycle and without the need to restart the program, with the consequent saving of light and electricity that this entails.

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Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH

SuperSpeed technology reduces the daily washing time by completing a cycle in just 39 minutes. The program in question uses the QuickDrive system to move the garments dynamically, while EcoBubble ensures thorough cleaning. Speed Spray is designed to reduce rinse time while increasing spin speed for a clean wash in less than 40 minutes.

Brushless Motor for Improved Durability and Energy Efficiency

The heart that drives all the components of the Samsung WW90T986DSH is Samsung’s patented Digital Inverter motor. Unlike other options on the market, the motor functions through a system of superimposed magnets, getting rid of the brushes to extend its life. In this sense, Samsung’s commitment allows it to provide users with a 10-year warranty from the original date of purchase. But the innovation of these motors goes beyond durability.

By reducing the level of friction, the motor generates less noise when rotating on its own axis, in addition to offering greater energy efficiency. In fact, the washing machine has the highest energy efficiency level according to the latest update of the European labeling: A. This labeling places appliances with A+++ certification on the B label, so the efficiency level is even higher than the rest of the appliances sold until last March when the new labeling came into force in the European Union.

The Washing Machine Always Clean Thanks to the Drum Wash+ and the StayClean Tub

More important than the cleanliness of our clothes is the cleanliness of both the washing machine drum and the liquid bucket. After all, the maintenance of these two components is essential to extend the life of the washing machine and reduce the proliferation of unpleasant odors and bacteria.

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For these two tasks, Samsung has designed a program called Drum Wash+, which eliminates dirt and 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria through the use of pressurized water and high-speed spinning. As for the StayClean tub, the washer’s drainage system prevents the accumulation of detergent and softener that cause most technical problems related to this component.

Pricing and Availability of the Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH

The Samsung QuickDrive WW90T986DSH is already available for purchase for €874.

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