Samsung Bespoke Jet: the cordless vacuum cleaner that promises to filter out 99.999% of particles

The Bespoke brand expands into vacuum cleaners. Samsung is betting on its design range for home automation products and now presents the new Samsung Bespoke Jet, a cordless upright vacuum cleaner that stands out for its cylindrical body and a powerful multilayer filtration system that promises to filter up to 99.999% of particles.

This is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a power of 210W and an Inverter motor up to 47% lighter than the one found in the Jet 90, its high-end robot vacuum cleaner.

Samsung incorporates a ULPA filter in its new cordless vacuum cleaner

Samsung Bespoke Jet

It features a weight of 1.44 kg and a base that charges the vacuum cleaner and automatically empties the collected debris. But its biggest advantage over most rivals is the presence of the system Samsung calls ‘All-in-One Clean Station’, the multilayer filter that boasts an efficiency of 99.999%.

This microfilter traps fine dust particles and manages to remove from the air that percentage of dust particles, pollen, mold, and bacteria, with a minimum size of 100 nanometers. This data is not a Samsung invention but follows a preset filter category.

Samsung Bespoke Jet

While most vacuum cleaners incorporate a HEPA filter, the Samsung Bespoke Jet adds a ULPA filter (for ultra-small particles). This is a higher level that can even filter out particles from tobacco smoke or insecticide dust.

Samsung Bespoke Jet

As in the Dyson V15, the Samsung Bespoke Jet has a digital LCD on the top where we can see from the battery time, but also adjust the suction levels and information of clogged objects. However, it does not provide complete statistics on the collected particles.

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The Bespoke Jet supports as a complement a brush with rotating wet pads and a 150 ml water tank.

For the battery, Samsung promises up to one hour of battery life on one charge. Responsive batteries are available, although Samsung guarantees 70% performance for the first 500 charge cycles.

Pricing and Availability of the Samsung Bespoke Jet

At the moment Samsung has not announced the official price of the Samsung Bespoke Jet. We will update you when that information is available. It does explain that it will be available starting January 2022 in Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia.

As with many of the products in the Bespoke range, it will be available in several colors: ‘Midnight Blue’ (blue), ‘Misty White’ (white), and ‘Woody Green’ (green).

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