How to Increase Instagram Reach? 9 Tips to Improve

Increasing Instagram reach has become synonymous with success for many users and brands competing for space on the social network. The growth of the metric is also essential for those who are investing in the network to make money selling products and services. This is the case of digital influencers, for example, who work on the reach to gain more popularity with their posts. For this, it is necessary to know how Instagram’s reach works to also increase engagement.

It is important to know how to distinguish “what is Instagram reach” and “what are Instagram impressions”, for example, because they are different metrics. The former shows the total number of people who viewed the content and the latter indicates the number of times the post was displayed, counting repetitions. Tracking this information helps users and companies to improve engagement strategies. In the following list, check out 9 tips on how to increase reach on Instagram.

1. Have a Business Account

Business Account

Before thinking about how to increase Instagram reach, it is important to open a business or digital content creator account. These options make it possible to measure profile performance information and helps users better understand what reach is on Instagram with data visualization.

It is worth noting that regular profiles do not have monitoring tools. Having a professional profile also allows you to insert contact buttons. This makes it easier for people to find information about the account owner and helps increase engagement.

2. Plan your posts

Good planning helps to increase organic reach on Instagram and gain more followers. It is worth remembering that since Instagram introduced the use of algorithms in its feed, content is now displayed according to audience engagement and no longer in chronological order.

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This change has altered Instagram’s reach strategies because the algorithm determines where and to whom posts will be displayed according to the relevance of the content. This means in practice that the more people like a post, the greater its reach in users’ feeds. In other words, it is not just a matter of posting videos and photos, it is necessary to create ways to attract people to the profile through the preferences of the audience of interest.

3. Finding the best time to post

With the data provided by a business account, you can identify what times your followers access Instagram the most. By doing this analysis, you can find out which content works best in each period – that is, which had the most reach and engagement.

Professional Dashboard

The tool also makes it possible to view the days and times when Instagram reach dropped. To access this information, simply go to the “Professional Dashboard”, tap “See all insights”, and next to “Your audience”, tap “See all”.

4. Work on engagement and interact with users

Another tip for increasing organic reach on Instagram is to talk to the profile’s audience. It is important to respond to comments and ask questions to the audience, either in the comment box or with the use of polls, for example.

For people who own a business or act as influencers, making promotions of products and services is also a good option. In addition, actively participating in the network by commenting on other users’ posts, interacting with other accounts, and reposting other users’ content can also contribute to increasing the account’s reach.

5. Explore Stories, IGTV, and lives

In addition to posts, Instagram offers other possibilities to publish content that attract visitors to the profile such as Instagram Stories, IGTV, and lives. These formats expand the opportunities to get closer to the profile’s audience and strengthen the relationship with followers.

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Explore Stories, IGTV, and lives

These tools also increase the exposure time of the account and interactivity with other users, encourage sharing, and stimulate the Instagram algorithms to show more often and to more people the post. Therefore, give preference to posts with high levels of engagement and viralization such as videos and memes.

6. Have a frequency of posts and use relevant hashtags


Instagram is a very dynamic social network with over a billion users worldwide. Therefore, maintaining a periodicity of posts according to the best times is essential to face the competition. However, without exaggerating, because quality is more important than quantity to attract a qualified audience that will not abandon the profile due to lack of interest in the publications.

It is worth highlighting the importance of hashtags that link users who are talking about the same topics or to attract people who are looking for information on a particular subject. The tip, in this case, is to choose the most popular hashtags and those that relate to the interests of the account’s audience.

7. Boosting the post

promote post

It is also possible to increase the audience of the content and the reach of the Instagram account through sponsored posts. When a post is yielding plenty of likes and interactions, it may be worth promoting it. It is worth remembering that this option is also only available for those with commercial accounts, which have the “Promote” button to generate a paid advertisement.

This strategy allows the user to boost the selected post to people who do not yet follow the account and according to the target audience. In addition, the boosted post, whether an image, video, or carousel format, can be directed to the Instagram feed or Stories.

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8. Use locations

Another widely used feature to increase Instagram reach and followers is to insert a location into the post, which allows you to add the physical location the user is in. This is a way to do profile outreach, as some users use the app’s location search to find local stores, services, and businesses.

It is also possible to create a location so that people can tag a business, for example, that is not yet on Instagram. In this case, Facebook must be used. To use the feature, the user needs to tap “Check-in” and then look in the list of options for the “Add new location” button. In both options, it is necessary that the GPS and other location features of the cell phone are activated.

9. Publish original and quality content

Some experts point out that original content has more credibility and generates more audience compared to that produced by third parties. Therefore, generating your own content increases the chances of users interacting with and sharing your posts.

Original and quality content can also make a person or company’s Instagram a reference in a certain subject or a source of information about trends in a specific area. This happens with fashion influencers, business influencers, and digital content experts, for example.

It is also worth remembering that the diversity of formats and content can influence people’s engagement with your Instagram profile. It is recommended to increasingly innovate in the appearance and language of content to attract more followers and increase the reach of the account.

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