DualSense: Sony announces PS5 Control with Button Press Regulation

The control of PlayStation 5 (PS5) was revealed by Sony, in a post on the company’s official blog, on 7th April 2020. Called DualSense, the joystick brings great innovations when compared to its predecessor DualShock 4, from PlayStation 4 (PS4). The buttons have pressure settings, which change functions according to the player’s strength when they are pressed.

The “Share” button, now called “Create”, offers the user new ways to create and share gameplay content. The control has also gained an internal microphone and haptic sensors, with vibration devices spread throughout the accessory. Despite this, it is now revealed that the PS5 will be available from November 12, 2020, for $399.

The company stated that they listened to game developers regarding the features of DualShock 4, maintaining what was successful and improving features that were not so used. For example, the speakers present in the predecessor control were replaced by the built-in microphone in DualSense, which should facilitate communication between players.

DualSense has haptic sensors, which are expected to influence the tactical response of the control. That is, actions within the game can be felt by the vibration of the joystick, in order to deepen the immersion in the game. The example given by Hideaki Nishino, vice president of Sony, explains that the feeling of “driving a car through the mud” can be felt in the accessory.

Another great feature is the sensors of the “L2” and “R2” buttons on the back of the joystick, where the indicator fingers are. According to Sony, the buttons can feel the pressure the player will press, which influences the action within the game. When shooting with a bow and arrow, for example, the user must measure the tension of the shot according to the force placed on the button.

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The DualSense design, in black and white with blue light stripes behind the touchpad, marks the first major aesthetic change in the manufacturer’s video game controls. The previous accessories have similar formats and standardized with the black color. The DualSense has gained a more futuristic look and for the first time, a joystick is launched with two colors.

The manufacturer also guaranteed a more durable battery. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the text, on the images you can see a USB-C input on the back of the accessory. Possibly, the new feature will charge the DualSense battery with more speed, something that fans have been asking for for a while. The “Create” button, which replaces the Share button of DualShock 4, promises new functions, but the company did not give more information about it.

Finally, Sony stated that game developers for PS5 are already receiving the controls, to explore all their possibilities in game development. According to the company, DualSense will further increase the immersive experience in new generation console games.

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