Digital Signature: 5 Apps for Signing Documents Online

Signing documents via your smartphone can be a simple task with free digital signature applications. With tools like Adobe Reader, Office Mobile, and DocuSign, you can create a digital signature to quickly insert into any document. These free platforms are available on Google Play Store and App Store and can be used on Android or iPhone (iOS) mobile phones.

You don’t need a traditional scanner or printer to sign documents online, and apps accept files in several formats. Also, digital signature apps allow you to share and send your documents to other platforms, such as Google Drive, which makes sharing safe and convenient. Next, check out the Techidence listings with 5 Apps for Digital Signature.

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

It is possible to sign documents free of charge on Android or iPhone (iOS) phones with Adobe Reader. The application requires login with the data of a Gmail, Facebook, or Apple account linked to an Adobe ID. After registering, touch “Fill and Sign” on the initial screen of the platform and choose the file that will receive the digital signature. Adobe Reader only accepts PDF documents.

The user can choose to draw the signature online with a virtual pen, or by inserting an image or taking a photo of the digital signature. The signed file can be shared in an e-mail or messenger. Another alternative is to save the document in the mobile gallery or the cloud. The digital signature is stored in Adobe Reader and can be inserted into other documents with the app.

2. Office Mobile

Office Mobile also has an exclusive section for free digital signatures of documents on Android and iPhone (iOS). First, you need to log in with data from a Microsoft account to use the application. Just like Adobe Reader, Office Mobile only signs documents in PDF format.

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To do the digital signature, open the “Actions” section in the bottom menu and touch “Sign a PDF”. Choose the file you want and sign it by touching the mobile’s screen. The tool also allows you to move the signature to any space in the document and change the color of the stroke used. Once the signature is completed, you can save the signature for later use and share the file with other users in messengers.

3. Sign digital manuscript – PDF

Another application for the electronic signature of documents is the Digital Signature Manuscript – PDF, available only for Android. The platform does not require a login for use, and just access the “more” on the home page to sign a document. The tool only accepts PDF files from memory cards or storage apps such as Google Drive.

The digital signature is done with a virtual pen controlled by your fingertips. The document signed by the Digital Signature – PDF can be saved on your mobile phone or sent through social networks.

4. DocuSign


The free version of DocuSign for Android and iPhone (iOS) has free access after login with email and password. It is possible to open PDF or image files, saved on your phone or other applications, such as Google Drive. It is still possible to scan printed documents with the camera of the phone to sign into the application.

Touch “More” to scan a file, then choose the “Sign Now” option to autograph with a virtual pen. The documents are saved in the mobile’s memory or sent on social networks. The free version of DocuSign allows you to forward three signed files. The application does not allow taking prints from the screen during the signing process.

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5. Adobe Fill & Sign

Adobe Fill and sign

Those who search for digital signature applications for Android or iPhone (iOS) can use Adobe Fill & Sign. It allows you to sign and send documents quickly without having to register in the app. You can modify PDF files from the photo gallery or scan a printed document.

The signature is done by a virtual pen and can be inserted anywhere on the document. After signing, the file is converted to PDF and can be shared with other applications or saved on your smartphone.

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