Best Airplane Simulators to play in 2023 on PC or Smartphones

Airplane simulators had a good year, with several games of the genre becoming popular, besides the release of the awaited Microsoft Flight Simulator. The sub-genre of aircraft piloting is one of the oldest in the game industry and has fascinated players since the emergence of the first computers in the late 70s.

These titles grew as a niche until the opening of the PC and Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phone markets allowed them to reach a larger number of users.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, released in August 2020 for PC, is a game that deserves highlight because of all its history in the genre. The title can only be played on computers since they could project only a few lines on the screen, offering only colors like magenta and cyan on their monitors. The latest title arrived as part of the Xbox Game Pass on the PC and promises to be the first in the series to be released on a console, planned to reach the Xbox Series X/S in 2021, on a date not yet defined.

Check out, in this article, the best airplane simulators to play in 2023.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – PC

Fligh Simulator

In the title of the most complete flight simulator currently on the market, Microsoft Flight Simulator allows players to fly several aircraft across the entire length of the planet. The game uses its technology, which brings together information from Bing Maps and satellite images to recreate all the places in the world, with a high level of fidelity. Also, virtually every airport on the planet (around 37,000) has been recreated by hand in the game, offering an even more realistic simulation.

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The Crew 2 – PS4, XB, and PC

The Crew 2

While the first title in the series was car racing, The Crew 2 went much further, adding several extra vehicles – among them, boats and aircraft. In addition to traveling throughout the United States in an airplane (as in most simulators), the player can also change vehicles at any time to better enjoy the environment in which he finds himself. It is also possible to call friends to explore together with you, in a cooperative way.

Take Off Flight Simulator – Android, iPhone, and PC

Take Off Flight Simulator

In Take Off Flight Simulator, the flight simulation walks alongside the administration of a company, since the user needs to manage their airline in Hawaii, in the United States. The game has flight simulation missions that use several aircraft and guarantee money to the player.

These funds can be invested in the acquisition of more aircraft, which enables automated international travel. When your company is solid, there is the possibility to fly all over the US archipelago, to relax in a free flight mode.

Airline Commander – Android and iPhone

Airline Commander

The beginning of the game is similar to other simulators where the player needs to manage their airline. The difference with Airline Commander is the addition of some interesting ideas. In the game, the user can choose between simplified or realistic gameplay, while facing various challenges, such as taxiing aircraft at the airport, for example. A curiosity is that in case of lack of money, the pilot can choose to work, too, for other airlines, while reinvesting the profits in his own.

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Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator – Android

Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator

Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator missions occur mostly in a big city, but the game also allows the user to explore the open world in several ways. The player can explore the scenery using an airplane, walking, and even driving a car, to find hidden stars. In the missions, there is also a little-used factor in other games, which is the satisfaction of the passengers of a flight. The smoother and more peaceful the player’s flying, the better his evaluation will be.

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