Xbox Series X/S Launch: Questions and Answers on Consoles

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s new generation consoles, are launched on Tuesday (10th November 2020) in the United States and other countries. The arrival in the market may awaken some questions from users who intend to buy them. Video games have received a recent price cut in some countries due to lower taxes, which may increase consumer doubts about sales. Check out, in the following lines, 7 questions and answers about the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S.

Perhaps the main doubt is about the existence of two console models, with prices so far apart. Both versions of the new Xbox are next-generation video games with the ability to display games at a frame rate of 120 FPS, SSD storage for faster loadings, and realistic lighting with Ray Tracing.

However, the Xbox Series X is focused on high-resolution 4K, while the Xbox Series S displays visuals similar to a resolution of 1080p or 1440p. The S Series also offers no disk drive and has less SSD storage space – 512 GB versus 1 TB of the X Series.

1. What is the price and when do sales start?

Xbox Series X/S price

Microsoft’s new console sales start on November 10, the global launch date for video games. The most powerful model, the Xbox Series X, comes for $499 / £499 / AU$749; while the Xbox Series S, which is the smaller version aimed at more modest resolutions, will be available for $299.99 / £249.99 / AU$499. In countries like Brazil, both received a 10% discount on their original prices after the publication of a decree reducing the IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) specifically for video games and their accessories.

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2. How does the refund to those who bought it in the pre-sale work?

After the price cut of Xbox Series X and S in some countries, Microsoft warned that users who booked the console in advance at pre-sale should contact the retailer in question to arrange how the refund would be made. Some stores have automated systems to regulate these changes, such as Amazon. If the payment was on the credit card, it is common for the amount to return as a credit to be discounted on the next invoice.

3. Which stores have a console available?

Players who want to purchase one of the new Microsoft consoles can find the Xbox Series X or Series S in some of the major stores. Among them: Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, Microsoft, Sam’s Club, Newegg, Walmart, Target, Very, John Lewis, AO, Argos, Currys, Game, Miranda, Extra, Ibyte, Havan, Info Store, Nagem, etc. In some stores, the initial stock is already depleted and it is necessary to wait for new shipments.

4. What is Smart Delivery?

Xbox Series X/S Launch

Some Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S games are part of a Microsoft program called “Smart Delivery”, which promises to offer the best version of a game to the user. In practice, if the same game is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X, the gamer only needs to buy it once and automatically receives the version of the console that is in use. Some of the titles that are part of the program are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Gears 5, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Destiny 2, Dirt 5, and more.

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5. Does it change anything in the price of the Xbox Game Pass?

XBox Game Pass

Currently, no changes have been announced to the price of the Xbox Game Pass, which remains at $9.99 per month. The release date of the Xbox Series X/S on November 10 marks, however, the arrival of the EA Play service on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which offers even more games on subscription with games from Electronic Arts. Among them are titles such as Fifa 20, Need for Speed Heat, The Sims 4, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and more.

6. Can I play Xbox One games?

XBox Games

Yes, Xbox Series X and Series S have backward compatibility with Xbox One games and still offer some improvements. The only incompatible scenario is to use games in physical format on Xbox Series S because this version does not have a disc player. However, digital games work perfectly, including Xbox 360 and the original Xbox. Xbox Series X/S is also compatible with Xbox One accessories – so you can use previous-generation controls and headsets on the new consoles.

7. Which model to choose: Series X or Series S?

Xbox Series X/S

Because of the price difference, Xbox Series X is best suited for enthusiastic gamers, i.e. those who notice the difference in performance in games today and are concerned with details like frame rate and resolution. These users should prefer the most powerful model to make sure they get the best experience in their games. For more casual players, who just want access to a new generation of titles, Xbox Series S offers enough power.

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