Apple AirPods Max vs Beats Studio3 Wireless: Which Should You Buy?

Beats Studio3 Wireless and AirPods Max from Apple are two options of Bluetooth over-ear headset with premium features. While Beats has been on the market for a few years, the second is a recent apple launch, the first of its kind in the AirPods line. Both promise high sound quality, dynamic equalization to optimize playback and bring active noise cancellation, plus battery for 20 hours or more of use.

Apple AirPods Max vs. Beats Studio3 Wireless

SpecificationsApple AirPods MaxBeats Studio3 Wireless
LaunchDecember 2020November 2017
DriversDynamic created by AppleDynamic
Noise cancellationActiveActive
ConnectivityBluetooth and LightningBluetooth and microUSB
Batteryup to 20 hoursup to 22 hours
Weight384 grams260 grams
ColorsSilver, Black, Blue, Pink and GreenMatte black, Red and Black, Red, White, Blue, Black and Gold or Gray
Source: Apple and Beats


AirPods Max

Both headphones have an over-ear design and a good finish, although Apple’s official product draws more attention thanks to the aluminum present in the shells.

In both models, the interaction with the sound controls takes place in different ways. Beats concentrate its features on the “b” button, while Apple bets on Digital Crown, a selector that rotates to adjust the volume, advance, or return the reproduction, besides adjusting the noise cancellation. The component can also be used to answer calls or trigger Siri manually, for example.

In color, the Apple headset comes in silver, black, blue, pink, and green. Beats have options in matte black, red and black, red, white, blue, black and gold, or gray. There are also special editions of Studio3 Wireless, such as the brand’s 10th-anniversary celebration, launched in 2018, and other options involving athletes or even competitions, such as the NBA, the U.S. National Basketball League.

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Sound Quality

Studio Wireless 3

AirPods Max and Beats Studio3 Wireless dispute the same space in sound quality. Both feature active noise cancellation and equalization that works in real-time, adjusting sound reproduction for greater accuracy.

In technologies, the only big difference is the presence of spatial audio in the AirPods Max. The idea is to reproduce directional sound, thus ensuring a more immersive experience, like in a movie theater, for example.

In our review, Studio3 Wireless ended up surprising in playback. Historically, Beats products are associated with lower sounds, i.e., enhancing the beats of the songs. Studio3 called attention to not leaving aside audio fidelity, focusing not only on lower frequencies but also on medium and treble.


Airpods Max

Both products are equipped with a microphone and bring support to Siri when connected to Apple devices. Another advantage of using the models with apple products is the fast connectivity via the H1 chip in the AirPods and W1 mounted on the Beats.

The differences are not only in this aspect. Fruit of an older project, the Beats still uses a micro-USB connection, which has been falling into disuse and giving way to the USB-C. AirPods applies the Lightning port, which is exclusive between Apple devices.


Studio3 Wireless

The AirPods Max promises 20 hours of battery life, ahead of the 22 hours delivered by Studio3 Wireless. While Beats comes with a fast recharge, allowing three hours of playback after 10 minutes in the outlet, the newly released model arrives with the so-called Smart Case, a kind of case that keeps the charge while at rest.

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Therefore, the accessory is not a wireless charger, as is the case with other AirPod models. The small compartment puts the AirPods Max in a very low power state, thus preserving the battery for when the user needs it.


The AirPods Max is available on eCommerce stores like Amazon for $549, a very high price compared to the Beat Studio3 Wireless. Also, the consumer can find Studio3 Wireless starting on Amazon for $282.

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