7 Free Alternatives to Google Photos To Save Photos in 2023

Whatever the reasons, there are times when it is necessary to give a replacement for certain Google tools. Therefore, today we will present 7 free alternatives to Google Photos to save your mobile photos in 2023. So if you were looking for an application similar to the one offered by the big G, then you’ve come to the right place.

The main function of Google Photos is to store your images and videos in the cloud. This prevents these files from taking up physical space on your mobile, which will make you never worry about your device’s storage again. Google Photos allows you to create albums of photos and videos that you can later share with anyone you want.

7 Free Alternatives To Google Photos You Will Love

We bring you a compilation with 7 free alternatives to Google Photos for you to save images or videos from your mobile in 2023. Download the one you like the most and give Google’s tool a replacement once and for all, since all of them will allow you to store your photos or videos:


MEGA Logo (PRNewsfoto/Mega Limited)

MEGA is a cloud storage service that came to replace the legendary Megaupload. It is a perfect platform to store photos and videos for free in 2023. Undoubtedly, we are talking about one of the best free alternatives to Google Photos that you can use right now.

MEGA offers one of the best free storage plans for you to save everything you want without having to pay a single dollar. When you sign up for MEGA, you get 50 GB of free storage for you to save those photos and videos that you would not want to lose under any circumstances.

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If you want more than 50 GB, you can subscribe to paid plans such as Lite Plan ($5.17 per month / 400 GB of storage), Pro Plan I ($10.34 per month / 2 TB of storage), Pro Plan II ($20.69 per month / 8 TB of storage), Pro Plan III ($31.04 / 16 TB of storage).

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

In case you didn’t know, Amazon also has its cloud image storage service. It’s called Amazon Photos and it’s cross-platform, so you can store and view your photos or videos from any device you fancy.

One virtue that Google Photos and Amazon Photos have in common is that both platforms automatically save your mobile backup. This means that you don’t have to worry about doing it manually.

If you are an Amazon Prime user, unlimited photo storage will be free for you. However, for videos, you can only count on 5 GB of free storage.

Similarly, you can access 5 GB of free photo and video storage on Amazon Photos if you are not an Amazon Prime subscriber. Want to expand your cloud space? Well, plans range from $1.99 (100 GB) to $9.99 per month (1 TB).



Icedrive is another good free alternative to Google Photos for free photos or videos you have on your mobile in 2023. This platform offers you 10 GB of free cloud storage just by registering.

In Icedrive, you can also make backup copies of everything you have on your mobile to have it at your fingertips whenever you want. It should also be noted that the platform ensures a file transfer so that you don’t lose too much of your life when it’s your turn to use it.

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Looking for a simple, fast, and secure place to store your mobile photos? Then Icedrive, with its 10 GB of free storage, could be the perfect choice for you.



Another free alternative to Google Photos offers 10 GB of storage without you having to pay a single dollar is pCloud. This one also allows you to make backups on your device, and it includes two-step verification and a fast file transfer speed regardless of weight.

It’s worth noting that if you want to upgrade, you can make a single one-time payment of $570 and 500 GB of storage for life or $1,140 and 2 TB of storage for life. Although at first, it may seem like a lot of money, pCloud usually offers significant discounts.



Dropbox is one of the most popular storage services in history, one that serves as a free alternative to Google Photos in 2023 and in which you can save much more than just photos or videos. The free account is 2 GB, an amount perhaps a bit small compared to the other options on the list. However, it is a tool with apps for all operating systems and is quite useful when you do not plan to save too much information.



Terabox is an alternative to Google Photos not very well known, but it gives you 1 TB of free storage with a security system for your photos. It has a web version, but also an app for iOS and Android.

In Terabox, you will see very interesting options similar to those offered by Google Photos. When you take a photo on any device it will be automatically uploaded to the Terabox cloud. In addition, you will be able to upload videos, documents, or any type of files for you to access from your device. With TeraBox you can:

  • Preview all content.
  • Create folders and move files between them.
  • Transfer files to different storage.
  • Search by keywords or names.  
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Have you noticed? It’s a good alternative to Google Photos that you probably hadn’t heard of before.



Flickr is another great alternative to Google Photos to save your photos in 2023. In this service, you can create an account for free and access a large amount of free space to upload all your photos to the cloud. Thanks to this, you will have all your photos stored safely, available from any device, and without taking up space on your phone.

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