7 Best Horror Games of All Time

Horror games tend to have a very loyal and fussy audience. Only in 2020, there are several releases in the genre, such as the Remake of Resident Evil 3 (PC, Xbox One and PS4) and Dying Light 2 (PC, Xbox One and PS4). The expectation of players regarding the games of this category goes far beyond bloody scenarios and frightening monsters. To curb anxiety, we want to let you know the best horror games. Techidence prepared a list with seven main horror games.

1. Alien: Isolation

7 Best Horror Games of All Time

Champion of the BAFTA Video Games Award as best audio, SEGA’s game is an icon that inspired several other horror games. The user plays with young Ripley, who goes to a space station in search of clues about his missing mother but ends up dealing with a grotesque creature that pursues him all the way.

Alien: Isolation’s artificial intelligence is impeccable, as the alien named Xenomorph can assimilate the places where Ripley usually hides, making it increasingly difficult for the player to find a safe place. The developers have managed to turn a cliché creature into a truly terrifying monster, making users hold their breath next to the character with every step Xenomorph takes.

2. P.T.

7 Best Horror Games of All Time

A game made by Hideo Kojima and Guilhermo Del Toro already say a lot. Developed by 7780’s Studio (Kojima Productions), P.T is a psychological horror game that brings the dark environment of horror, capable of making the player go crazy in a few minutes of gameplay. The sign makes every turn a nightmare, flooding users’ minds in constant paranoia. In P.T., the gamer does not face great dangers but is constantly surrounded by bizarre sounds and movements, combined with a macabre story, make the game terrifying.

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3. Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill franchise is perhaps one of the most famous in the horror game arena, with one of the most distressing stories and macabre enemies to overcome. The second game of the franchise is the most terrifying, bringing the famous Pyramid Head, a powerful enemy that has already made several players panic.

7 Best Horror Games of All Time

In Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland receives a letter from his wife who had passed away, and goes to the city to figure out what is happening. However, the deeper he goes and faces his fears, the greater the challenges and terrors the leading character has suffered. James’ inner demons become his greatest adversaries and it is up to him to survive Silent Hill’s insanity and deal with the mysteries contained therein. The game not only presents a content-rich in terror but an interesting story worth watching calmly.

4. Outlast

If you’re curious and love a mystery, this game was made for you. Outlast is a game that takes place in an abandoned insane asylum, strangely busy at night. The character Miles Upshur is a freelance journalist looking for a scoop, right after receiving an anonymous tip about a certain psychiatric hospital.

7 Best Horror Games of All Time

But as soon as he arrives on the scene, Miles notices several unusual things and his curiosity to unravel the mystery leads him to get into trouble. On the run for survival in the dark place, he discovers information about all sorts of bizarre practices there, but his greatest concern is to leave the place alive.

5. Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

7 Best Horror Games of All Time

Until Dawn brought the mix of horror and adventure games, and the spin-off version Rush of Blood mixed horror with fast action shooting in VR (virtual reality). The game takes place almost entirely in a car in a kind of “corridor of fear”, in an “amusement park”. There, the user ends up taking a wrong turn and encounters several psychopathic clowns. One feature makes the game one of the best of its kind: the fact that it’s a horror and FPS game, together with VR mode, offers a scary experience.

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6. Layers of Fear

As a 19th century lunatic painter who has just returned home, Layers of Fear offers an experience capable of making the player doubt everything around him. As he walks around the mansion, the pieces of the puzzle fit together as the character recovers his memory, based on information gathered during the exploration. The character’s hallucinations create interesting dramatic effects. Where once there was no door, now there is.

7 Best Horror Games of All Time

The paintings and works of art that fill most of the mansion constantly interact with the character, whether they change shape, bring back a dark memory, or even scare them when they seem to come to life. The story of the title makes the user want to play more and more and the sinister scenario combined with traps and illusions created by the sick mind of the character make Layers of Fear a great game to enter the list.

7. Resident Evil 7

One of Capcom’s most famous series, Resident Evil is a franchise with a respectable reputation. Although criticism of the sixth game of the franchise was harsh, as it became more of an action game than a horror game, the producers were not discouraged in trying to recreate the horror scenario previously used and hit the nail on the head in the seventh game of the franchise.

7 Best Horror Games of All Time

In Resident Evil 7, the main character Ethan Winters is in search of his wife who has been missing for three years. After receiving a recording of Mia (his wife) with his whereabouts, he goes to the address given by her and manages to find her in the basement of the house, arrested and tied up. Mia has been affected by the mutation which has also reached practically all enemies of the game. The agricultural setting, an abandoned house, rotten food, and dark rooms bring a horror ambiance to the game reliving the first games of the franchise.

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