PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller: Which is the Best?

DualSense, control of the PlayStation 5 (PS5), has been officially unveiled by Sony, following the already announced Xbox Series X joystick, the Microsoft’s new generation console. The launch of the two devices is expected at the end of the year, and no price set. But which console has the best control? In this comparison, Techidence lists their main features to give an idea of how they are and what they can bring to fans who choose to buy one or the other. Since they are devices that are not yet on the market, it is good to remember that the analysis is made based on the official specifications already released.

See also a table that gathers the main technical features of the controls:

Controls comparison

ModelHaptic FeedbackAdaptive triggersPower (Standard)Communication
PS5 DualSenseYesYesInternal rechargeable batteryHeadset input
Xbox Series X controllerYesYesBatteryHeadset input


In terms of design, Microsoft has chosen to keep things on “familiar ground”. The Xbox Series X control is very much like that of Xbox One in every way, while Sony has completely changed the look of DualSense from DualShock 4 – now the control is white in its default color and has several visual differences. This is a purely visual aspect, as you still can’t tell which of the two devices has better “control” on players’ hands while they’re not on the market.


As far as we can tell, the buttons remain the same on each of the controls. One of the new features, however, is the adaptive, pressure-adjustable triggers. The two joysticks, from both consoles, will have triggers, according to the player’s preference. Also, they retain some features that already existed in the current generation: the Xbox Series X control has a modifiable directionality, as in the Xbox One Elite control, while Sony’s DualSense maintains the touch panel of DualShock 4.

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What’s New?

Xbox Series X controller

In addition to the already mentioned adaptive triggers, both controls will have haptic feedback in their settings. “Haptic” is something relative to touch and promises to be one of the innovations that will bring immersion to the new generation. The technology promises to give players sensations – if an item inside a game is heavy, for example, or if a hit in a fighting game is weaker or stronger. All this is not only through vibrations but also through pulsations, weight, and other elements that make up the new feature.

Technical capabilities

Ps5 Dualsense

In addition to the new triggers and haptic feedback, the controls should reserve technical upgrades. The Xbox Series X control, for example, is expected to have a dynamic latency input, which should help people who play in the smallest details, such as fighting games, who depend on latency to apply accurate hits. In DualSense, a change: the “Share” button has been replaced with the “Create” button. We don’t know yet how this new button will work, but you can expect more news soon.

Power and charger

Both controls use standard USB C to connect to the consoles to charge any internal (PS5) or external (Xbox Series X) batteries. Microsoft’s control still uses batteries as standard power, with the possibility of using its battery, while Sony’s will have a fixed internal battery, just like the current DualShock 4.



Both controls are wireless and communicate with the consoles via Bluetooth. Besides, the joysticks will also come with headset input, to facilitate communication between games. Both devices will also work with PC, because of the Bluetooth communication and USB-C input, as well as the current generation joysticks.

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