7 Best Games for VR Box

VR Box is among the most affordable options for those who want to enjoy virtual reality using the phone. The platform, which is compatible with several different smartphone models and is sold for $10 with control, allows the user to take advantage of the Android virtual reality technologies to enjoy apps, watch videos and play games.

The menu of games available for virtual reality on Google Play Store is quite varied and involves more uncompromising games for free to more ambitious and engaging creations with values well-matched. In the list below, you’ll find a selection of the best virtual reality games compatible with the VR Box.

VR Wrong Voyage

VR Wrong Voyage

Completely free (and without ads), VR Wrong Voyage is a type of game that mixes platform elements with first-person shots, in a combination that resembles Portal. You must explore mysterious ruins and, to do so, use a type of gun to create platforms and progress through the scenario. The only restriction of the game is the requirement of a Bluetooth control connected to the device to play. The VR Box is sold in kits that bring control, but other virtual reality headsets may not have the accessory.


Also mixing puzzles with shooting, Hardcode invests in the third-person perspective and allows you to play alone, or get involved in online matches with other players. The gameplay is fluid with the camera control that is made from the movement of your head. The game’s graphical presentation is simple yet modern – which should contribute to good performance even on simpler mobile phones. Like other action games, Hardcode ends up depending on the use of a wireless controller connected to your mobile phone. The title is offered free of charge by developers, displays no ads, and does not require internal purchases.

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Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter VR

In the game, you are a pilot of a spaceship engaged in battles against waves and waves of enemies. With a first-person perspective, the game puts you in the cockpit of the ship and has that footprint of the ancient arcades in terms of gameplay. The game is ” infinite”: the more enemies you shoot down, the more they appear. There are leaderboards, the ability to upgrade your ship, and control support. Minos Starfighter VR costs only $1.20, which is an affordable price taking into account that there are no further announcements or sales.

Voxel Fly VR

Speed game, Voxel Fly VR puts you in control of a ship that travels through an infinite city. Your goal is to destroy and divert traffic and other obstacles that appear in your path in six different game modes. With colorful graphics, the game has an aesthetics that circumvents the hardware limitations of smartphones by offering visuals full of color and contrast. Voxel Fly supports multiple control schemes, which means you can even dispense with Bluetooth control. Also, it has a 2D mode to play without the VR Box and is offered free of charge, although it offers advertisements and purchases in the game itself.

Dino VR Shooter

Dino VR Shooter

The first-person shooter, Dino VR Shooter is a survival game where players need to escape and fight dinosaurs on an island formed by five different areas. The title allows you to play alone, or participate in matches with other people via the Internet. Offered free on the Play Store (displays adverts and offers internal shopping), Dino VR Shooter requires the use of a paired mobile control but promises smooth gameplay even on older smartphones.

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VR Space Stalker

VR Space Stalker

Similar to Minos Starfighter VR, Space Stalker is another virtual reality space fighting game. Here, you control a spaceship and need to shoot enemies and obstacles along the way. The game uses a simple control scheme: just move your head to direct your aim to hit the targets. This way of control dispenses joysticks and even buttons on the headset if you use a model that does not offer the feature. Offered free of charge, the game has sales of advantage packs and displays ads.

Whispering Eons

Whistpering Eons

For those who want to escape the action of space combat games, Whispering Eons can be a great alternative. The game involves the solution of puzzles, with the movement of objects through the scene, and contact with characters to unravel the story. With a science-fiction theme, Whispering Eons is a short game, you can finish in an hour, and completely free (and without further sales or ads). Anyone can even play a conventional version of the game, thus dispensing with virtual reality glasses.

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