FIFA 22: See what’s new in Career Mode, Ultimate Teams, and Pro Clubs

FIFA 22 will be officially released by Electronic Arts (EA) on September 27 (Ultimate Edition) and October 1 (Standard Edition) bringing some new features for fans of the soccer simulator. One of them is the Career Mode, which now brings the option to be a team manager, creating a team from scratch. In addition, Ultimate Team will reward players with the most wins in a row.

The soccer game will be released for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox Series X/Series S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The game is available on pre-order for the price of $59.99 to $89.99, depending on the version and platform. See below for the main changes in FIFA 22’s game modes.

Career Mode

One of the new features of FIFA 22 is the possibility to be the manager of a team in Career Mode, creating it from scratch, customizing uniforms, crests, and even the stadium of your club. In addition, the player will be able to choose whether to start in an elite league of world soccer or if the club will start its trajectory in lower divisions until reaching the elite. Another point is that mosaics in arenas now form whenever a player stands out in the team. A second way it will appear is if the player has been with the club for a long time.

Career mode

In Career Mode for players, new features are performance challenges to be completed over the course of matches that will earn you evaluation points with your coach and teammates.

The player development system will also be revamped with the implementation of a skill tree, where you will use the points received in training and matches to improve game characteristics. In addition, the game will bring a system of perks that can be used throughout the game to improve your performance.

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A new feature exclusive to next-generation consoles, Xbox Series S/Series X and PS5, concerns the way achievements are celebrated in the game. While older devices will feature a version that celebrates only through newsfeeds, newer devices will have new cinematics added. This includes pre-game animations, in which narrators start the new match based on your championship performance up to that point.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The traditional Ultimate Team mode will also have some changes. Starting with a new season progression system in Divison Rivals, with win sequences, rankings, and a new Elite Division.

In the new version of FIFA, Divisions are composed of stages and rankings. If the player has a winning streak, they will progress even faster. Also, “checkpoints” will be added between them, which will save the player’s progress and keep him at the right level of competition in case of defeats.

The Divisions will be restarted at the end of each season. The stage in which the player finishes will determine where he will start the next season. In addition, the rewards at the end of the season will take into account the matches played, regardless of victory or defeat. The customization of the stadiums will also gain new fan-editing elements such as flags, posters, and banners.

Pro Clubs

The big new feature of Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 22 will be the “Improvised Match”, which allows the player to prepare a team with up to four friends or recent players before starting the competition

With the change, it will be possible to gain XP by playing with fellow Club members, but without affecting your history. In addition, it will be possible to form teams with friends from other teams without having to leave your Club.

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Pro Clubs

The mode will also feature Archetypes, significant increases in qualities that help the player create, customize, and secure the identity of Virtual Stars on the field. Archetypes are acquired by Skill Points at the end of the skill tree.

On the customization side, the developer has placed features that can be modified such as the color of the field, goal songs, and club nickname. Another highlight is that the way the player sets up his athlete now does not affect his performance on the field. This means that users can create their characters without worrying about whether it affects their gameplay.

Volta Football

Volta Football

The Volta Football mode, where the player creates and evolves his avatar to play soccer matches on the street, will continue in FIFA 22. At this point, Electronic Arts have not released any more details about the new features, only that it will have more flair and customization options in the arenas.

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