65 inches Smart TV: see the pros and cons of having a model of this type

65-inch TVs offer a screen big enough to deliver a home theater experience. Models of this type tend to offer more feature-rich systems when compared to smaller TVs, but they also have their drawbacks: because of their size, they don’t always fit in the rack or provide comfortable viewing, depending on the available space.

In the following, we raise positive and negative points of large screen TVs for you to answer your questions and decide whether it is worth investing in a 65-inch smart TV.

Positive Points

Movie’ screen

65 Inch Smart Tv

At least in terms of size, the large screen can contribute to creating a room with a cinema feel, increasing immersion when watching movies, series, or even games. Another positive factor is that, in general, 65″ TVs are aimed at a more demanding market, which ends up resulting in better features and higher quality screens.

The relationship between size and picture quality is linked to the fact that the larger the screen, the larger and closer to reality the picture will be. If the TV you are looking at offers a good quality display, with high resolution and technologies such as HDR, the experience should be even better.

Good features and integration

In terms of features, televisions in this screen size range can have connected home control platforms that are compatible with a wide variety of IoT devices, offer voice command options, more powerful sound, and even the art gallery modes that appear on LG and Samsung televisions.

65 Inch Smart Tv

For those who have other smart devices scattered around the house, platform-compatible TVs of this type can even offer complete control panels, such as LG, to access lamps, outlets, refrigerators, routers, among other devices on the TV itself.

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A good supply of connections

Another virtue of larger TVs is the supply of interfaces, which should outperform more compact models in most cases. In practice, this translates into a good number of HDMI and USB ports, but also relevant add-ons, such as the option of sound via Bluetooth – relevant for headphones and home theaters – as well as different physical audio outputs.

The variety of interfaces is welcome because it can make your life easier: A TV set with multiple HDMI can make room for a media center, your cable provider’s unit, and a console at the same time. The presence of many USB ports, in turn, can be interesting for those who enjoy recording TV programming, viewing downloaded content from the Internet, or even need to power a dongle, such as Chromecast.

Negative Points

Size can be a problem

65 Inch Smart Tv

The large screen will only make sense if your environment is large enough. Otherwise, you may end up having to sit too close to the screen, which creates discomfort when watching and eliminates the advantage of the large display combined with high resolution. It is also important to measure if the space you have set aside is sufficient for the TV, whether you want to place it on a piece of furniture or even fix it to the wall.

In general, the recommended distance is 2 times the size of the screen for the best experience. It is worth pointing out that this measurement is a general notion, and not necessarily a rule.

Content must be high definition

Your 65-inch TV with a high-quality 4K screen will only really work well when it runs something of the same “standard”. Broadcast TV channels in Brazil still transmit in HD and Full HD and depending on your streaming service, the 4K content offer may be more restricted, or even available only in more expensive plans.

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Good TVs offer upscaling technologies, where the TV’s internal system identifies lower resolution content and artificially enhances the image to get closer to 4K. However, the quality is still below what native UHD resolution material offers. It is also important to pay attention to the maximum resolution of the TV: at 65 inches, Full HD images can easily become pixelated

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