5 things to Consider when Buying a Mobile Charger

One of the drawbacks of today’s smartphones is how fast you can drain the battery if you make intensive use of the device. That’s why it’s essential to carry a charger if you’re going to be away from home for a long time. We explain to you five important things to keep in mind when buying a charger for your mobile.

Buy A Good Quality Charger

First of all, don’t forget that cheap can be very expensive. The charger is responsible for supplying the phone with the power it needs to operate, so it is an essential item. A poor quality charger can provide unstable power, causing the battery and other phone components to suffer and be damaged.

It’s imperative to buy a charger from a reputable brand, and even better if you can buy the official model from the phone manufacturer. White label chargers and Chinese imitations are of questionable quality.

MicroUSB or USB-C Connector

5 things to Consider when Buying a Mobile Charger

The second point to consider is the charger connector. Today’s smartphones use USB-C and MicroUSB ports, depending on the model and range. These connectors are not compatible with each other, so make sure you make the right choice. Basically, the charger connector has to be the same as the one your mobile has. In the case of the iPhone, they have recently switched from the Lightning connector to the USB-C.

Length and Quality of the Charger Cable

Buying a charger with a short cable is one of the worst things you can do. Believe me; it makes it very uncomfortable to have to look for where you can safely leave your phone while it is charging.

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There are chargers that the charging cable can be separated from the power adapter itself. In these cases, you can change the cable for a longer one if you need it. Just make sure the cable is of good quality.

The quality of the cable is also important because you don’t want it to break or damaged within a few days of using it.

Charger Current and Voltage

The current of the charger is measured in amps (A). The higher this value, the faster the charging process. The best chargers can reach 2.5A or even more on more advanced models. Your mobile will not be damaged by using a high amperage charger, so the higher this value, the better.

The voltage is different; it also affects the charging speed, but, unlike the amperage, it has to match the battery voltage of the phone to avoid irreparable damage. Voltages usually vary between 5V and 12V.

5 things to Consider when Buying a Mobile Charger

There are also chargers with fast-charging technology. They can adjust the voltage they deliver depending on the charge level of the mobile battery. In order to use them, your mobile must be compatible with this technology.

Plug Format

5 things to Consider when Buying a Mobile Charger

Finally, check that the charger you want to buy has a plug that is compatible with the sockets in your country. Otherwise, you’ll need to use an adapter, which can be uncomfortable when you’re on the road and have to carry it.

There are chargers with a modular design that allow you to change the plug. However, they tend to be more expensive, and it makes no sense to buy one of them if you don’t travel a lot to other countries.

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With these five points, you’re sure to hit the mark with the purchase of a new charger for your mobile phone.

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