5 Free Applications to Fully Customize Your Windows 10

Windows 10 is customizable as long as you use the right tools. If you were looking for the best free applications to modify the system, here is a compilation of tools worth trying.


ScreenStyler is one of the most striking applications when it comes to customizing Windows 10. It allows you to add docks and widgets. It also has a complete collection of wallpapers of very high quality. Simply add each element to the desktop and save the changes. In this simple way, you can customize your computer to the maximum.



Taskbar X is a very complete application to customize the taskbar.

TaskbarX helps you to center the taskbar elements in just a few clicks. In addition, it allows you to modify any other settings to make your Windows 10 taskbar unique. It is a paid application if you download it from the Microsoft Store. We recommend you do it this way. However, it is also available for free and officially on GitHub.


PowerToys is a development of Microsoft itself that will help you, not only to customize your computer to the maximum but also to get the most out of it. It’s a great ally for customizing your computer. PowerToys is a package of small applications that allow you to do many things. Here you have a list of some of its most interesting utilities.

  • Color Selector: Opens a color picker in a popup window. It is accessible with the keyboard shortcut Windows + Shift + C. This small utility saves a history of all the colors you have selected to make them accessible later.
  • Fancy Zones: It allows you to virtually divide your screen to improve the distribution of the windows. It has several templates with which to perform the task more quickly.
  • Added in the explorer: A markdown or SVG file viewer in the file explorer itself? It is possible thanks to this tool.
  • PowerToys Run: Here is one of the most interesting tools that will customize your PC. It is a command launcher in the purest macOS or Linux style. By pressing Alt + Space you can open applications, jump between browser tabs or perform mathematical operations. All without taking your hands off the keyboard.
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Add a quick view to your favorite folders as it already happens in macOS.

If you want to have a quick info window of your folders in Windows 10, much like what happens in macOS with the Get Info command, QuickLook helps you. You can easily install it from the store. After installation, you will already have a quick view of the information in each of your folders.

Bing Wallpaper

Bing Wallpaper

Enjoy the best backgrounds with this free application.

A basic way to customize your computer is to change the wallpaper. It’s not always easy to find good pictures to use as wallpaper. If you’ve used Microsoft’s search engine, known as Bing, you may have noticed that it excels at displaying spectacular images as backgrounds on its home page. Now, all these images can be placed on your desktop in a very simple way.

By accessing its official page, you will be able to download an executable to install Bing Wallpaper. From that moment on, you will enjoy the best photos on your PC. Another positive point of this application, apart from the fact that it is completely free, is that it modifies the wallpaper automatically from time to time. This way, it is difficult for you to get bored of your desktop image.

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