5 apps to make money answering surveys

Money-making apps are in high demand. Although several options are available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, not all of them are reliable. In this sense, a legitimate alternative to generate extra income over the Internet is to answer surveys about personal and buying habits in specialized apps, such as Curious Cat, Google Opinion Rewards, and PiniOn, which collect information in exchange for payment in cash or credits on platforms. Check out five apps to earn money by answering questions and surveys.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Available only for Android phones, Google Opinion Rewards asks the user to take quick surveys and in return provides rewards in Google Play Store credits. To do so, simply download the app, register, and answer basic personal questions.

Based on the user’s profile, the application will send, on average, one form per week. By answering them, you can receive up to $3 in credits in the official Google store. With the accumulated value, you can buy memory for the cloud, rent movies, and buy games and other content.

2. Streetbees


Streetbees is another option for answering surveys and earning money. In this app, surveys are called “stories” and can be submitted in the form of photos and videos. The way it works is simple: the user chooses a survey, shares the answer as media, and submits it for analysis. Each story takes three to five minutes to complete.

The app pays up to $5 for each completed survey, and the credit is available in a PayPal account 48 hours after each submission is approved. However, some people have reported difficulty in having stories approved because they do not fit the survey profile or have photos rejected. Streetbees can be downloaded by Android and iPhone (iOS) owners.

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3. PiniOn


PiniOn, a mobile money-making app, pays for opinions about brands, products, and services. There are also forms about the user’s life, home, and family. According to the app, these answers will help companies, universities, and governments to serve people with a similar profile.

The missions take an average of five minutes to complete, but some may involve visits to establishments and market research. You can request redemption via Pix to your bank account after accumulating $5 in completed missions. PiniOn is available for Android and iPhone (iOS).

4. Poll Pay

Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a real money-making app that features simple polls and surveys to answer. After the initial profile survey, the app offers daily questions, which can be opinion or market questions. The former is shorter; the latter is longer. In some cases, it will be necessary to download games and complete some activity time to get the credits.

The reward value is in dollars and can go to your PayPal account or be converted into Amazon, Xbox, Netflix, Google Play Store, and iTunes gift cards. One of the positive points of Poll Day, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), is that it is an app for making money fast, as it pays out on the spot. In contrast, other similar services only offer redemption after a minimum accumulation of credits on the platform.

5. Curious Cat: Paid Surveys

Curious Cat: Paid Surveys

Curious Cat is a money-making app that offers surveys with the help of a clever algorithm, called a “cat mustache.” The technology can find the tasks that pay the most and make the user earn points quickly. After filling out the profile survey, the app starts offering tasks to users. The tasks must be completed within an hour and done all at once.

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An app task generates an average of 20 to 200 points. Payment is made after accumulating 100 points, which generates £1 direct to the user’s PayPal account. According to information from the app, which is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, there are no hidden fees, and the transfer uses up-to-date exchange rates.

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