10 Most Downloaded Apps in the World

Social networking apps, messaging apps, video conferencing apps, teleworking apps… These are the 10 most downloaded apps in the world with millions of downloads on Google Play and App Store. Don’t miss them!

1. TikTok


The most downloaded app worldwide is TikTok. It has been downloaded more than two billion times and has 800 million monthly active users worldwide. Creating short videos with or without music, with amazing effects and filters is the basis of this social platform that has become indispensable for many young people.

2. Facebook


Facebook is in second place, but it is undoubtedly the “queen” of social networks. It has more than 1.84 million daily active users who enter the platform to upload videos, photos or simply to see news from their friends or family on their wall.

In addition, it continues to include new features such as stories and soon new audio-based tools will also arrive.

3. Instagram

Another of the most downloaded social platforms is Instagram. Bought by the Facebook company in 2013, it is one of the favorite applications for users to tell their daily lives. Images, videos, or stories are uploaded to the network and users bring out their most photographic side on this platform. Instagram has over 100 million monthly active users and has also become a good showcase for businesses and brands.

4. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most widely known and used messaging application. In 2020 it had more than two billion downloads worldwide. Its simple interface and speed in the use of the application make it indispensable. The application also allows you to make calls or video calls at no cost if you are connected to a wifi network something that makes it much more interesting.

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5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s messaging application is also the one chosen by many to talk and communicate via text or send photo or video files. Messenger, is very popular in the United States where it had more than two million monthly downloads in 2020, in the rest of the world users have a somewhat different trend and prefer WhatsApp.

6. Snapchat


Snapchat ranks sixth among these most downloaded applications. This platform is similar to WhatsApp and Messenger and is used to communicate via text with friends, family, and other contacts. One of the functions that differentiate it from the rest is that there is the possibility of programming the time when the receiver will be able to read a message (between one and ten seconds) and then this message self-destructs.

7. Zoom


In 2020 and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom became one of the most downloaded applications for videoconferencing. This trend continues as many users telework from home and use it regularly for their meetings.

8. Telegram


Very similar to WhatsApp and also dedicated to messaging is Telegram. This application that ranks number 8 of the most downloaded is one of the alternatives for chat communications, voice calls, or video calls. In addition, it is one of the platforms that most protect the user’s privacy because its encrypted messages leave no trace on any of the application’s servers.

9. Capcut

For many Capcut will be one of the least known applications and unlike the rest, it is not dedicated to communication or social, but it is an excellent tool for video editing. This platform is designed to edit videos vertically. In it, you can quickly edit a story for Instagram or any video for TikTok.

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10. Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet closes the Top Ten most downloaded applications. Google Meet is similar to Zoom, it is used for videoconferencing classes or work. Its use has also increased since the beginning of the pandemic. In Google Meet you can record meetings, make presentations, and in its basic version up to 100 participants can connect.

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