13 Apps to Watch Movies and Series Online in 2023

The consumption of multimedia content has been increasing in recent years, so more and more platforms are venturing on extending their services to mobile devices. Thanks to the applications, you can watch series and movies on your mobile from any place either lying on the beach, in the beach bar, or while traveling.

Before the only option to watch series and movies is on TV, now the options are many you can now stream movies on your mobile or tablet.

So, if you are one of those who like to watch series online from the mobile or the tablet: in the car, bus, subway, or train. Here are lists of applications to watch series and movies online:

1. Netflix


Netflix is the industry leader thanks to its over 140 million users. On this platform, you can find one of the most complete and varied lists you can spend hours on. Series, movies, or documentaries are just a few examples. Among its great advantages, is the possibility of downloading content to watch later when you are busy or have no connection.

With the possibility of opening several user profiles, Netflix offers you content related to the series or movies you have seen and liked before thanks to its advanced algorithm. You just have to download the app to see the content on your mobile, although you can also send it to an external device through a Chromecast. You can install the app for free, but to enjoy all the content, you will have to subscribe.

2. HBO


The arrival of great series like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Westworld’ and ‘Big Little Lies’, has turned HBO into a serious alternative to Netflix. Its range of content is more limited, but that does not stop it from venturing into series, movies, documentaries, comedy specials, and children’s content.

With new content every week, you can watch all the content in HD quality and enjoy the most anticipated releases worldwide simultaneously to avoid spoilers. In contrast to Netflix, you can install the application for free on your mobile, but you will have to go through the box to access the content.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

The giant of electronic commerce can not be missing here. Amazon Prime Video is one of the applications you can enjoy if you are an Amazon Prime user, you can find original content such as ‘The Grand Tour’ or ‘ The Man in the High Castle’.

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You can download the app for free. Also, you can regain compatibility with Chromecast after Google and Amazon have buried the battle-ax. You can download the videos you like and watch them later offline. You can also access IMBD data to check data on actors, movies, or curiosities related to the content in question.

4. Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV

Known a few years ago as Wuaki, in its catalog you can find the latest releases, independent films, series, and content for children. You can see all the content from your mobile or send it to another device with a Chromecast. You can also download the movies or series to watch them later offline.

Although it has a subscription service, the main difference from the previous platforms is that it is not mandatory to access all the content. That is, it is something like a video store in which you pay only to see the specific content you want, being able to rent or buy movies and series.

5. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies has an extensive archive with the latest movie releases, as well as all kinds of movies. You can enjoy them on your mobile or tablet, you can send them to any HD TV with a Chromecast, and also download them to watch offline.

As with Rakuten TV, on Google Play Movies you pay Google Play to rent or buy specific content, without having to face any subscription. And if you do not find the movie you want, you just have to add it to your wishlist to receive a notification when it is available.

6. Movistar +

In the Movistar + app you can see your favorite beings, premiere movies, documentaries, children’s content, or sports competitions from your mobile anywhere, both live and on-demand.

Thanks to its algorithms, the app learns from you and can customize the offer based on your tastes. Also, it allows you to start watching any content on one device and then take it back at the same point on another device and download it for offline viewing. Among its advantages, it highlights the possibility of recording any content from the last seven days to watch when you like.

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7. Crunchyroll


If you are a fan of manga, Crunchyroll can not be missing on your mobile. It is one of the best applications to watch anime legally, although, do not expect to find anything beyond it in this genre. The app brings together more than 25,000 popular anime episodes available.

You can also watch classic episodes of series like ‘Naruto Shippuden’, ‘Bleach’ or ‘Fairy Tail’. You can download it and watch free content, although it has a paid version that will remove advertising and give you access to recent episodes.

8. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle allows you to watch Hollywood movies, TV series, and exclusive programs for free on your devices. With a large library, you can filter to find the title you want and create your own favorites list. And if you have doubts, you can get recommendations from the Sony Crackle team at Sony Pictures Studio.

The app is free, but you will have to register to use it and the advertising will be present. Of course, you can start playback on one device and restart it on another at the same point where you left it with ease.

9. Just Watch

Just Watch

Do you want to watch a series and do not know which platform broadcasts it? Just Watch is the solution. You will only have to write what you are looking for and the app will tell you if it is on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video or any other.

With a list of more than 20,000 movies and series, it has fourteen providers available and you will find different filters such as the genre of the movies or the year of release to quickly locate the title you are looking for.

10. Mitelle App

Mitelle App

The Mitele app allows you to see all the content of the Mediaset group on-demand and live. In it, you will find national and foreign series, movies, entertainment programs, sports spaces, or children’s content at a single click.

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With Mitele you can interact with live television programs just by pressing the ‘ON’ button and access exclusive content and videos, as well as participate in voting or influence the development of some programs. Also, the app allows you to limit browsing to minors, create your list of contents by adding favorites and continue viewing content at the same point where you left it on another device.

11. VideoMix


Videomix may be the oldest free online series app on the list. Videomix also allows you to watch movies. One of the main functions of Videomix is ‚Äč‚Äčthat it offers Chromecast functionality and that the series list is updated regularly so that all the series that are popular today are available. It should be noted that its interface is somewhat outdated, it is very ugly! But this does not mean that it is not powerful and easy to use. The application is no longer on Google Play, although you can download its APK for free.

12. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another Android application to watch free series. TubiTV has in its list more than 40,000 titles to watch free series, which makes it an impressive application. You have all the genres available ranging from drama, comedy, cooking shows, anime, and also movies. It is an application that you will not find on Google Play but you can download its free APK to start watching online series.

13. Kodi TV

Kodi TV

Kodi is, for us, one of the best options to watch online series. It is an Android application to watch series from the mobile and that is why it is within the list of our favorite applications. In addition to enjoying movies, music, or football, Kodi can play TV series for free. It is an application that is free and you can download it on Google Play. To be able to see the content in Kodi you will have to install the Addons.

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